Review: Paint The Bird by Georgeann Packard


Title: Paint The Bird

Author: Georgeann Packard

Release Date: July 26, 2013

Publisher: The Permanent Press

Source: Paperback ARC from publisher

My Rating: 5 STARS



The Reverend Sarah Obadias is broken, bitter, and stripped of the reassurance of faith when she walks into a West Village restaurant in Manhattan. Here she encounters Abraham Darby, a rumpled but well-regarded painter who seduces the minister into his life of  excess and emotional intensity.

Dancing through the novel is the mystical Yago, the gay son of Darby and the Costa Rican painter Alejandra Morales Diaz. But Alejandra’s appearance further decomposes Sarah, and Yago provides no calm or clarity when she encounters him.

Bloodlines become squiggled and  unreliable as the novel explores the ever-changing relationships between fathers and sons and what constitutes a family. And throughout, one question lingers: What really did happen when a small boy was swallowed by the sea?


Religion, Sexuality, and Death are the main focus of this beautifully written novel.

A woman of the cloth, Sarah, who loses her Faith; Abraham, the handsome, lost artist; Johnny, the widowed father to Angelo; Yago, the deceased whose soul still lingers… these are just some of the intriguing characters in this novel.

So much depth, these characters have. I could almost feel the emotions myself, while reading. Death, is not understood by many. I, myself, still have questions. But, when you have characters such as 2 tortured artists, a homosexual widow who admits to enjoying sex with a woman, it’s so much more.

Reverend Sarah Obadias is running from her life, lost her faith. She meets Abraham Darby, sex ensues. Mind you, these two individuals aren’t young. Sarah meets him during a rough time, the death of his son.

The meeting of all these characters is paramount to the story. It’s original, poetic, passionate, sad, and very adult. I’d recommend this to those who enjoy a compelling story of religion, sex, and death. Not for closed minds.

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This novel contains adult content. Not intended for readers under the age of 18. 


3 thoughts on “Review: Paint The Bird by Georgeann Packard

  1. Readers like you are why I write. Thanks for your open mind and heart. Read on brave one! Warmest regards, Georgeann


  2. Hello Lekeisha, This is Georgeann Packard, author of “Paint the Bird,” and I so enjoyed your interpretations of its themes. It is about love (at any age) and death (which interests us all). I’m so glad you understood its message.

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    • Hi! I’m trying to pull all of my reviews from Goodreads to my blog, which I just started. I love your book. I still feel like I didn’t actually do it justice with my review, because there aren’t enough words. It’s coming up on my reread list, and I think I will understand it even better this time around. I’m a very open-minded person, so getting into the depths of your characters, was very rewarding for me. I questioned my beliefs at the time that I read it, and did some things that I’m not proud of. It was relatable, and afterwards I went to grief counseling to deal with it all. Books always put things in perspective for me, and I’m glad that I had the opportunity to read it. Thank You!


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