Review: Spirit Bridge by James L. Rubart


Title: Spirit Bridge (A Spring Well Novel #3)

Author: James L. Rubart

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers

Release Date: May 6, 2014

Format: Paperback (384 pages)

Source: Copy from publisher via Booklook Bloggers

Genre: Christian Fiction/Fantasy

Rating: 4 Stars

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Brief Synopsis: The Warriors Riding have battled in astounding supernatural realms, set captives free, and awakened thousands of hearts. But now their only chance of survival depends on calling for “The Spirit Bridge”.

 Reece, Dana, Brandon and Marcus have achieved staggering success in the spiritual realm…. but each is reeling from vicious attacks. They need rest. A break from the war. But the warlord Zennon is raging and will give them no quarter. The demon holds what he believes to be the trump card– a hidden strategy set in motion before Warriors Riding even began– that will detonate the team from the inside out. And he’s just set it loose.

The street magician Simon– finally free of Zennon’s alternate reality prison– is racing to remember his past before his ignorance obliterates his destiny. Then there’s Miyo– a brash young warrior with an advanced knowledge of spiritual realities and supernatural armor even Reece doesn’t know about. These two will be pivotal in the final war. Who to trust?


Again, I read another book without reading it’s predecessors. It was well worth it, I must say. The battle between good and evil has never been better. I found it hard to put down at times, it’s just that good. I have to buy the first two books soon, to read and add to my favorites shelf.

I’m not sure what I thought was going to be in this book, other than alternate realities and demons, etc… There are a multitudes of things going on, but it’s not hard to keep up. Being as the third book, the world building is pretty much set. And the characters are all well developed, so that was a plus for starting out.

I immediately disliked Brandon. He was whiny, and yes sarcasm can be a good characteristic to have, but he had too much. But, as I got deeper into the story, I found myself liking him more than any of the other characters. He had a right to be feeling all those emotions that he carried around, seeing as he lost the one thing that brought out the best in him. Aside from Marcus, he was my favorite. 

The Warriors Riding don’t know if they can trust Simon and Miyo. This is the battle of all battles and they have to be prepared and on the ready. As always, with evil, there will always be someone that wants to be the one doing the bidding. It was no surprise that Zennon and Caustin were at each other’s throats. If it was up to Caustin, Zennon would be dead for failing in ending the Warriors Riding and letting Simon go. Power hungry beings never win.

This is a great book that mixes Christian Fiction and Fantasy together quite well. Definitely recommend for Fantasy/Paranormal lovers alike. 

4 STARS misc_58misc_58misc_58misc_58

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