My Audio Books

I’m slowly drifting into acquiring more books on audio. I used to feel indifferent about listening to them, but I find that I can actually get things done. As with physical and ebooks, I have to stop reading just to cook, clean and run errands. 

I started out slowly last year with Cinder 11235712, and I really loved it. I loved it so much that I bought the print version, and finally decided that I’d like to keep that trend going. If I like/love the audio, I’ll just finish the series/trilogy with physical books. I’m not so sure about Marked: House of Night 30183. There are way too many books to catch up with, and I’ve already acquired the first 5 books on audio, so I’ll just continue to listen. 

So, as much as I didn’t really like audio books in the past, I feel different now. And I’m pleased to say that I am officially obsessed with them, especially the Classics! I listened to Persuasion by Jane Austen two weeks ago, and a few more that I’ve been meaning to read over the years.

Audio books come in handy, especially if you are really busy like me. I rarely have time to just sit and read nonstop. I’m off on Saturdays and Sundays, so those are the days I get most of my reading done. I still read in the evenings after work, just not everyday. Real life gets in the way, and sadly my fiance only knows how to cook on the grill. I don’t trust him in the kitchen!! And aside from a little dusting, I don’t let him clean anything else. No need to clean the bathrooms or fold laundry, when I’ll just go behind him and do it over. I have a little case of OCD, and I like for things to be done a certain way. I can’t help it!! 

So, as I was saying, audio books are my new friends now. I don’t always like the narrators though. Sometimes I wish they’d chosen someone else to narrate certain books, that’s just me. Do you listen to a lot of audio books, or are you just sticking to print and ebooks?


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