Review: After The Parch by Sheldon Greene


Title: After The Parch

Author: Sheldon Greene

Release Date: March 21, 2014

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

Genre: YA Dystopia

Format: Paperback (220 pages)

Source: Bostick Communications

Rating: 3 stars

Goodreads | Amazon


From Goodreads: It’s 2075. California is nothing like we know it. The USA has broken up and California has become an independent refuge dominated by a single omnipotent corporation. Eighteen-year-old Bran, a shepherd, is given a mission to traverse the California republic in ten days, in order to save his rural community from forfeiting its land. On the way, he teams up with a seventeen-year-old girl who has the skills and prowess of a warrior, an eleven-year-old wild boy with uncanny survival skills, and a wandering musician with a secret revolutionary agenda.

Review: I don’t like to dish out half ratings, so I just round it off to the nearest whole number. This is definitely a 2.5 read. That being said, I had to give it a 3 for this review. This book could have been so much more, but I felt like I was reading a whole lot of other dystopian books that I’ve already had the pleasure of reading. Not the story itself, just words that made me think of those other books. Glades, Districts, ….. need I go on?

I couldn’t, for the life of me, connect with the MC Bran. His mission seemed so far fetched that I could not cheer him on as a character. He soon finds himself with a slue of other characters; one in particular, June, I just did not like. From her tough-like exterior and Bran’s immediate attraction to her, I was just not sold. Hello? Mavis? He totally forgot about her back home. There was like maybe a few sentences with Mavis’ character, and then she was no more. 

So why the 2.5-3 stars? This has the potential to be great. The story itself is something original, but certain terms were like the author just plucked them from other published books. I love when an author is original, and uses terms that are unique to the world that they’ve created. This book did not do that, and sadly It was not what I thought it would be. But, don’t let my thoughts on this book deter you from reading it, it was just not for me.

*I received this book from the author via Bostick Communications, in exchange for an honest review*

3 STARS misc_58misc_58misc_58

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