Review: Dark Genesis by A.D. Koboah


Release Date: March 13, 2012

Publisher: Twenty Four Publishing

Genre: Historical Paranormal Romance

Format: Kindle (245 pages)

Source: Purchased

Rating: 4 Stars

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From Goodreads: Life for a female slave is one of hardship and unspeakable sorrow, something Luna knows only too well. But not even she could have foreseen the terror that would befall her one sultry Mississippi evening in the summer of 1807.

On her way back from a visit to see the African woman, a witch who has the herbs Luna needs to rid her of her abusive master’s child, she attracts the attention of a deadly being that lusts for blood. Forcibly removed from everything she knows by this tormented otherworldly creature, she is sure she will be dead by sunrise.

Dark Genesis is a love story set against the savage world of slavery in which a young woman who has been dehumanised by its horrors finds the courage to love, and in doing so, reclaims her humanity.

My Thoughts: You know how you buy a book because the cover was too much to resist? And then you read the synopsis to see if it’ll interest you? I wasn’t expecting to be so enraptured by this book! Yes, I really hoped to enjoy reading it, but I didn’t think that it would be this good. Dark Genesis is one of those rare finds that few people know about, and I am so glad that I came across it on Amazon a few weeks ago. I put this before my other books that I’ve been meaning to read, because every time I turned on my Kindle, there it was begging to be read. That cover is downright flawless! I dare you to read this book and not love it.

My heart broke for Luna throughout this story, reading about her life as a slave and the absolute foul things done to her by her masters. I will not lie, this was hard to wrap my head around. Not only for the sexual abuse, but for the things that happened afterwards. I won’t spoil anything, but it was very hard to swallow. Dehumanized doesn’t even begin to describe the things slaves went through back in those days. Despite this being a fiction story, those things did happen quite often, and it deeply saddens me to think about. 

As for the paranormal aspects of this story, it is great. I like how the author doesn’t make the reader forget that they are, in fact, reading about a lost vampire and the love he has for a burdened slave, who is also a witch. Luna and Avery are made for each other, they both give each other back their humanities. As stubborn as Luna is, and as oblivious as Avery acts, I can’t think of which I’d like to scream at the most in certain parts of this book. It was so hard not to throw my Kindle across the room! yet, this is exactly the kind of reaction that a great story will do to you. You love the characters and all their faults because the story is so good. 

I tried not to spoil this, so that when you read the book for yourself, your emotions will be running the gamut. Though, if you are a closed-minded person you may want to steer clear because there are scenes that might offend you within the pages. This is a great book that I enjoyed reading and I highly recommend reading it. IT IS CURRENTLY FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ON AMAZON SO GO GRAB A COPY!!! I’ve already gotten book 2, Rising Dark, which takes us back to how Avery became a vampire. Anxious to read it!

4 STARS misc_58misc_58misc_58misc_58


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