Review: The Forever Ones by Marjorie Deluca


Release Date: June 30, 2013

Publisher: Self Published

Series: The Iduna Project #1

Genres: Young Adult Dystopia / Science Fiction

Format: Kindle (240 pages)

Source: Provided by author in exchange for review

Rating: 2 Stars

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Paige is nineteen and genetically altered to stay that age forever. She lives with other “Forevers” like her in the secret IdunaCo. compound, a place where age reversal and immortality has been perfected and the only rules are to live in the moment. Enjoy every minute to its fullest. Be what you want to be for a while and when you get sick of it – be something else.
It all seems perfect until Paige realizes her friends are disappearing. The official word is they’ve been kidnapped by criminals on the outside who want to use them as feeders. Feeders have a short and brutal life – kept in captivity and sucked dry of all their youth cells so the Crime Lords can stay young forever.

When Paige has a breakdown she’s rescued from the Psych Centre by her mysterious but attractive friend Junius who involves her in a daring escape from the compound. Their purpose is to infiltrate the IdunaCo organization and find out what’s really happening to the missing “Forevers”. Paige’s journey is complicated by charismatic musician, Chale, a Keener whose attraction to Paige is flattering but causes tension between her and Junius.

When Chale is slated to disappear Paige and Junius save him in the midst of their escape.
Once outside they learn more about their own special powers, reveal clues to their real identity but also realize the extent to which humans will go to achieve immortality. The mission becomes so dangerous Paige is forced to the limits of her endurance and has to make tough decisions about who she can trust – Junius or Chale.

My Thoughts

There was too much going on in this book that I found rather confusing. The pace is fast, too fast. I kept trying to keep up with character’s names and what roles they played. It was very hard to focus on one scenario, and then all of a sudden there’s something else happening. I love the plot, although it isn’t original. The perfectness of the world that the characters originate from is great, it’s the outside world that I couldn’t wrap my head around. Every obstacle that the characters encountered was overcome almost too perfectly. I like danger, so when the all of a sudden the answer presents itself not two seconds from the pondering, it makes me feel like the author rushed to make the characters seem invincible. Example: Paige and crew needed to rescue Junius and had no way of getting passed security or whatever, and then a character comes into the picture who happens to have what they need to get in and soon they are knocking him out and taking what they need. Another thing that I thought was rather odd, Paige ends up in a club that her “relative” just happens to be a bartender at. I was like, “really?” If you read the book, then you will get why this was so odd, seeing as Paige has never met her “donor” parents and has been living “forever”, without aging so she doesn’t really know if she’s talking to her brother, grandfather, great-grandfather, etc…. It was all too much and only made me want to stop reading.

Then, there’s the little love triangle going on with Paige, Junius and Chale. I really wanted to stop reading once that particular scenario started coming to fruition. I don’t like LOVE TRIANGLES, or even like the hint of them. I know that is the thing in YA books, but shouldn’t it be burned out by now? Okay, moving on… Did I mention that along with the immortality, that they also possess hidden powers that makes them more alert, stronger, and more stealthy? They just have to go into a sort of meditation mode and they’re all set. It’s not odd considering this is science fiction, but where does it end? Like I said, there is entirely too much going on in this book that it’s hard to keep track of. Forevers, Keeners, ARPs, Feeders, Crime Lords, the characterizations are endless. It’s like the author tried to bring this century into this dystopian world that was created by recalling stories from another character who happened to live way back when, before the Iduna Corp swooped in. Places like Minnie-Apolis were mentioned (that’s how Paige interpreted Lynette mentioning Minneapolis), and things like cellphones and cars were foreign to these characters. If this is a world in the future, why bring up the past? Or at least, make the back-story more interesting when being compared to a place that can conjure of robotic parrots and fake sand. I just can’t picture this world like it’s described because of the fast pacing.

I have received book 2, The Parasites, for review as well. Out of courtesy to the author, I will read and review it. I can’t find it in me to recommend this book, especially to a lover of YA Dystopia. Maybe it’s just me, but others would probably get the picture better than me. Hopefully, book 2 will be better and make me like this series. I can’t pass judgement on the series as it comes to be, so I will see after I read the next book if it is even worth exploring future books in this series.

*I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

2 STARS misc_58misc_58


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