ARC Review: Perverse Wonderland by Jennifer Harrison


Release Date: July 15, 2014

Publisher: Incanto Press

Genre: Adult/Chicklit/Humor/Romance

Format: Paperback Galley (280 pages)

Source: Publicist via Bostick Communications

Rating: 4 stars



Perverse Wonderland is a playful dark comedy and a romantic adventure tale for anyone who has ever loved and lost, or loved and found again. Jennifer Harrison’s debut novel gives a voice to the type of women who, instead of waiting to be saved, can only rescue themselves. When our American heroine is abandoned by her English “gentleman” in a strange land of Pimm’s and Jack the Ripper slumlords, the fairy tale is turned on its head after kissing Prince Charming turns him into an “arse.” This novel will have you swiftly flipping pages to keep up with the ongoing conflicts between our irreverent redhead’s heart, mind and libido as she interacts with a memorable cast of characters including the romantic Irish poet, the Jewish American Princess, and the bizarre Russian painter. With its appeal to strong women and the men who love them (and sometimes leave them), Perverse Wonderland is for fans of an culture-clashing American Bridget Jones or a modern, bawdy Sex and the City set in Lewis Carroll’s fantastical wonderland of Oxford. If you have ever wondered how to repair your own heart in the aftermath of a break-up… If you have ever struggled with trusting yourself to love… if you have more than once wished your former love might live to regret… Perverse Wonderland will resonate deeply.


A wonderfully written book that I really enjoyed reading. Perverse Wonderland is one of those books that grasps you by the ears and makes you pay attention to what’s inside it’s pages. I found the main character to be quite daring in the beginning. Here she is moving to another country just to see if she and her Englishman, Grant, are meant to be and live happily ever after. She met Grant while traveling with her friend Nava, who wanted to spend an American Thanksgiving with her British friends. Grant had her the moment he opened his mouth, she was a goner. Nava warned her not to fall for him but, having never kissed a British guy, she was not to be perturbed. I actually swooned myself just imagining his voice. Well, it all goes kaboom after she moves there and therefore she becomes a little bitter, but determined to get over him. Her story just goes on from there and Thomas, an Irish Poet, soon has her affection.

I love how the author gives you the characters’ voices while sub-quoting words that they speak with their accents. As I was reading them, I was sounding them out with my best British and Irish accents (I failed miserably). I definitely recommend this book to those who enjoy humorous, romantic chick-lit or, are looking for a beach read, which it definitely is up to par with. Great book and I look forward to reading more books by this author in the future. A great mesh of humor, romance, and whole lot of  sarcasm makes for a great read, and this book is it.

4 STARS misc_58misc_58misc_58misc_58

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