Review: The Parasites by Majorie deluca

22558952Release Date June 19, 2014

Publisher Self Published

Series The Iduna Project #2

Genre YA Dystopia/Science Fiction   

Format Kindle

Source Copy provided by author

Rating 3 Stars

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Paige is in Carter City, Junius’s idyllic home. Life seems to be perfect until Paige uncovers a darker side to the peaceful paradise. Before she can confront Junius about it, they’re whisked away on a secret mission to infiltrate the Crime Lords.

After a dangerous and grueling training period, Paige and Junius plunge into the strange, ruined world of Sin City and the Crime Lords, whose lives are defined by death defying feats and undying loyalty in battle.

They meet Antoine, the charismatic but dangerous leader of the Snakes, who draws them into the wild and crazy Sin City lifestyle, and reveals the gruesome methods used to access the forever serum from the captured feeders.

Paige makes some unexpected discoveries about her past, and Chale’s sudden reappearance forces her to make decisions and take risks she never imagined, to ensure his safety.

One thing never changes – the people with power will do anything to gain control of the Forever technology. But who will gain the upper hand? The Crime Lords or the wealthy ARPS backed by Iduna Corporation? Or maybe someone else Paige never suspected.


Let me start by stating that I liked this book a little better than the first one. If you read my review for The Forever Ones, then you know why I had issues with it. If not, you may read my review Here. However, there are still those same issues with this story, that gave me a hard time getting through this book. The world building is still ongoing and that’s to be expected with a sequel. The new characters added some mystery to the plot, and while most times that would be considered a good thing, this was a little heavy.

Again, way too much going on. While the first book had easy-to-solve situations, I’m glad that this book was more realistic in that regard. Paige has grown into a somewhat likable heroine and her emotions were more believable in this book. Those were the deciding factors for me while reading this. And while I’m not sure about the next book yet, I think the author did a great job as far as sequels go. A much better book than the first one and I’d recommend this book to those who don’t mind reading series that get better after the first book.

3 STARS images (9)

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