Review: Celine by Peter B. Miller

22461475Originally titled 
Tales of Celine

Originally Published September 7th 2012

Release Date: July 15th 2014

Publisher: Incanto Press

Format: Revised Hardcover

Source: Review copy provided by author 


Céline is the story of Céline, Alexa, and Preston (“Pres”) and the emotional and erotic bonds that connect them. The two women are lovers and members of an international criminal syndicate that steals priceless works of art. Céline meets and seduces Pres who falls in love with this mysterious beauty. He is so blinded by his love he unknowingly becomes a participant in an operation in Switzerland. The nature of Céline’s criminal career and the actions of her associates become a barrier to Pres and Céline’s developing relationship. Can their love survive? Only Céline has the key to that door. Céline is about facing demons, discovering one’s courage, and being transformed through the power of transcendent love.


 This is an interesting and quick read. The story is so detailed and you’d think that with it being less than 200 pages, that it wouldn’t be much of a story. I don’t read this genre often, simply because I can’t find a book that appeals to me. I love how the story focuses around the lives of Celine, Alexa, and Preston. There were scenes that I didn’t foresee. Yes, the description hints at it being somewhat amorous, but I didn’t think it would be so descriptive. Not that I have a problem with sex scenes, but it was kind of perplexing. The French translations in this book are peeves for me. I don’t like to read and have to go to a reference just to get what the characters are saying. But, with the settings, I can easily understand the language barriers with these characters. There is mystery and intrigue throughout, which makes for a good read. If you are looking for a quick conundrum, then I would recommend this book. The characters are fairly able to keep up with and the romantic ties between them are very well played out.

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*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

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