ARC Review: Chaos Theory by M. Evonne Dobson

23365858Release Date: February 3rd 2015

Publisher: The Poisoned Pencil

Series: The Kami Files #1

Genres: Young Adult/ Mystery

Format: eARC

Source: Publisher via NetGalley

My Rating: 3 Umbrellas

Seventeen-year-old Kami is into science, way smarter than she should be, a little obtuse, and born to investigate. The kind of girl who excels in Martial Arts and runs a chaos theory experiment in her locker.

Kami finds a way to focus her talents when she meets Daniel, whose younger sister Julia died from an overdose of prescription drugs—drugs that the cops think came from Daniel’s stash. First Daniel turns up at Kami’s MA class, and later she saves him from a couple of drug dealers at the local skate park. Neither episode endears him to her, but Kami views life as a series of data points, and in Daniel’s case, the data do not add up.

In Chaos Theory, first time author M Evonne Dobson not only tells a fast-paced mystery, but also explores her protagonist’s deep need to understand the chaotic lives of those around her, lives that refuse to be neat, clean, and simple. Especially when death happens to those you love. Set in Iowa, Chaos Theory is a young adult contemporary crime novel, the first in a proposed series tentatively called The Kami Files.

temp (8)

This is one of those books that is not for me. The story is not bad at all, it’s just that I could not get into these characters. I’m not into science. Like, at all. Not where I have to figure out what Kami, along with her smart parents, thinks about. I think that the plot is, at best, redeemable. If the author can make Kami into a more realistic character, I’m sure that it will all level out. She’s too freaking smart for me. I get that her knowledge helps her along with trying to figure out every single detail of things, people, etc… As far as the mystery goes, it was okay. Not my cup of tea, the whole female teen Sherlock.

Once the crew is formed; Kami, Sandy, Sam, Gavin, and the man behind the mystery- Daniel, they set out to bring down the drug lords. Kami seems to be really interested in finding out what really happened to Julia, Daniel’s sister. This is where everything gets kind of unreal. These teens know more than the cops that they are helping. It’s kind of weird, to be honest.

The beginning starts out slow for the most part. Kami is doing a science project on the “Chaos Theory”. This experiment takes place in her locker. She wants to give up because she’s not getting the results that she wants. She basically is panicking about not getting into a very prestigious school. If she doesn’t do well on her science project, then recruiters won’t take notice. Oh, the pressure. Again, I think that this book will appeal to young readers the most. It’s not a bad mystery, I just couldn’t connect with the characters.



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