Review: Unseen by Jessica Rae & Kaleen Elizabeth

23439739Release Date: January 13th 2015

Publisher: Self Published

Genres: Young Adult/Contemporary

Format: Kindle

Source: Won

My Rating: 1 Umbrella

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What happens when the only one you see finally see’s you?

Cruz de Jesus has always seen Ellie Carre. Always loved how crazy and free she was from afar. With his camera firmly in his hands finishing out his senior year invisible should have been a piece of cake. He was almost home free until a punishment brings Cruz and Ellie face to face for the first time.

Ellie has always been the life of the party. Known around school for her fun loving, crazy ways, she owns her bad reputations. But that is just what she wants people to see. Letting someone in is not something she does easily… until Cruz.

Will Ellie open her eyes and see what it feels like to be loved or will she slam them shut like she is used to.


This book needs editing! I think that I’m done reading self pub books for a minute. I know, I know; not all self pub books are bad. But, the last few that I’ve read makes me want to just give up reading them altogether. That’s not my only problem with this book, however. The main character, Ellie, and her best friend Katie got on my last nerve. Seriously, they are two of the most spoiled, selfish girls that I have ever read about. In those 134 pages, I was annoyed to no end.

Ellie is all ‘woe is me’ because she was caught cheating on an essay or something, and she had to make up for it by helping out on the Annual Staff (that’s the yearbook, if you didn’t know). Cruz is the geeky photographer on staff and is in charge of showing her the ropes. He is secretly in love with the girl (I don’t see why) and almost had a melt down when she came through the door. And on and on it went… Ellie and Katie drink vodka to drown out their problems and make fun of others. It’s just not my thing to read. And Cruz pining after Ellie didn’t make it any better. He basically ignores his best friend to hang out with her. Not cool. And Ellie’s character changed from pompous brat to respectable young lady on the same page. What?

I can truly say that this book will not be enjoyed by anyone over the age of 18. Why you ask? Because the characters and monologue are poorly written and this is your basic private school drama. This story is like one that you’d write about in your high school English Lit class. You know, where you aren’t an experienced storyteller but the teacher wants you to put your imagination on paper for a grade. Using words in the wrong context, like they’re when it should be their. And not separating monologue from character to character. It’s all jumbled up in places and you have to backtrack to understand what’s being said. I cannot recommend this book. To anyone. Ever. Not even young adults.


2 thoughts on “Review: Unseen by Jessica Rae & Kaleen Elizabeth

  1. Awww, I saw the camera and got excited because I am taking a photography class right now, but bad editing? No thank you. And the characters sound horrible.


    • It’s a fast, annoying read. I don’t even know you personally, but by your reviews I can just see you throwing your ereader across the room. Seriously, It’s just not a good story, grammatical errors aside.


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