7 Realizations That Convinced Me Not To Have Children

I get #6 all the time. Why can’t people see that I just don’t wanna?

Thought Catalog

Sex And The City / Amazon.com.Sex And The City / Amazon.com.

Please read the title closely. It does not say “7 Reasons You Should Never Have Kids,” “7 Things That Prove Having Kids Was The Dumbest Thing You Ever Did,” or anything similar. I have tired of the baseless arrogance on both sides of this debate, with all parties claiming that their way is the best way, that the other side is clearly missing out. One notably asinine example is the recently published “I Think People Without Kids Have Empty Lives And I’m Not Sorry About It,” which, in addition to thoughtlessly stomping on the members of the population who are physically unable to have children, annoyingly took the stance that its author can claim to know — and judge — what life is like on what is now the other side of the fence for her.
Following are seven things I considered…

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