Review: 1378 Oak Street by Lovely Whitmore

*This review was first published on Goodreads on 3/14/13. It is one of many filler posts for this blog*

13604475Release Date: April 13th 2012

Publisher: Createspace

Genres:  Memoir/ African-American Culture/ Narrative/ Recollection/

Format: Kindle (98 pages)

Source: Purchased

My Rating: 4 Stars

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Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia in the 80’s was full of fun, friendship and lots of adventures for me and my siblings. Especially on Oak Street! Even though we weren’t rich we learned how to take what we had and have fun. Whether we were playing restaurant, making mud pies and barbecue chicken out of sticks and dirt; or playing monster chase games, or even taking turns riding on one bike, there was never a dull moment for us kids.

My Thoughts: A short story about some of the events of her childhood, Author Lovely Whitmore will have you laughing. This book is for all ages. In fact, I’m going to read this to my niece and nephew. Race has nothing at all to do with who will enjoy this book, but if you’re an African American you can definitely relate.

I couldn’t stop laughing for the life of me. I’m an eighties baby, so I definitely see me and my siblings in this story. I too have a brother and a sister. I’m the middle child, so I was blamed for a lot of the things we did while growing up.

Loved the stories, especially the one about the goats and the baptism. That baptism story was so….. there are no words. God is good.
Definitely recommends this to all readers. My only problem was maybe the couple of grammar errors that were in First Person POV. The other POVs were spot on, because as we all know, that’s how kids talk. I know I did! Great read!



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