ARC Review: Fury by Steven James

Untitled-9Release Date: April 28th 2015

Publisher: Skyscape

Series: Blur #2

Reviewed In Series: Blur

Genres: Young-Adult/ Mystery/ Supernatural/ Suspense

Format: eARC

Source: Publisher via Netgalley

My Rating: 4 Stars

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The disturbing visions that helped Daniel Byers solve a deadly mystery have finally quieted, and the sixteen-year-old basketball star is looking forward to things settling back to normal. But when his father mysteriously disappears, Daniel realizes that the key to finding his dad rests in deciphering his chilling hallucinations.

Soon, long-buried secrets begin to surface, revealing clues that could help him locate his father. But as the past collides with the present and reality begins to blur around him, Daniel faces a race against time to save his dad before it’s too late.

Filled with pulse-pounding suspense, Fury continues the thrilling young adult Blur Trilogy from bestselling author Steven James.

REVIEW: As far as sequels go, James brought the rain on this one. It is definitely more thrilling than Blur, and there is more mystery surrounding Daniel than ever before. I’d say it’s not quite a 4.5, so I kept the rating at 4. I’m still waiting on the book that will make me scream; and I can’t wait to see if this trilogy will end with a bang.

We jump straight to the mystery, which is what I love about this book. As the prologue of the story veers off, we start with how this mystery began. I love that the author chose this route in writing this book. I think that if Daniel had not been in the situation he was in- at the beginning- I wouldn’t have been so interested in finding out what happened.

As Daniel wakes up in a hospital, handcuffed and confused, I was immediately on alert. What happened? As he tries to remember, he gets visions of blood and his father- who is nowhere to be found. Is he dead? Did Daniel kill him? As Daniel freaks out, I freak out right along with him. He’s sedated again, and his world goes black.

The story takes off with Daniel trying to get back to being a normal teenager, after the events that happened in book one. His friends know about his mysterious ability, but they don’t tease him over it. However, there are some who consider him a freak, and Daniel wants to know how they know his secret. Then there’s the situation with the poachers, and soon, Daniel is back to having the Blurs that he thought had finally let up.

There’s so much going on in this book! More action and suspense that flows perfectly with the story. The character interactions are great, and I love how they help Daniel figure out what is going on. That boy simply cannot trust his own mind at this point. The mystery of Daniel is what I’m most looking forward to finding out. A little is revealed in this book about the relation to his spontaneous ability, and I want to know more. Can’t wait for the last book to come. I just hope that the author delivers a well thought out plot and make me take the leap to 5 stars. This trilogy is definitely worthy of being in my top 5 young-adult mysteries to read. Recommended!


6 thoughts on “ARC Review: Fury by Steven James

  1. I love those thrillers, or really any type of story, where the author can make the reader feel and experience the same things that the mc is going through. It makes it more real and the story more tangible. I’m glad to know this was an acceptable follow up story and I hope the last installment is all that you want it to be. Sounds like a good suspense novel!


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