ARC Review: Defiant by Karina Sumner-Smith

23130269Release Date: May 5th 2015

Publisher: Talos

Series: Towers Trilogy #2

Reviewed In Series: Radiant

Genre: Young-Adult/ Science-Fiction/ Dystopia/ Paranormal/ Magic/ Supernatural

Format: Digital ARC

Source: Publisher via Edelweiss

My Rating: 3 Stars

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Once, Xhea’s wants were simple: enough to eat, safety in the underground, and the hit of bright payment to transform her gray-cast world into color. But in the aftermath of her rescue of the Radiant ghost Shai, she realizes the life she had known is gone forever.

In the two months since her fall from the City, Xhea has hidden in skyscraper Edren, sheltered and attempting to heal. But soon even she must face the troubling truth that she might never walk again. Shai, ever faithful, has stayed by her side—but the ghost’s very presence has sent untold fortunes into Edren’s coffers and dangerously unbalanced the Lower City’s political balance.

War is brewing. Beyond Edren’s walls, the other skyscrapers have heard tell of the Radiant ghost and the power she holds; rumors, too, speak of the girl who sees ghosts who might be the key to controlling that power. Soon, assassins stalk the skyscrapers’ darkened corridors while armies gather in the streets. But Shai’s magic is not the only prize—nor the only power that could change everything. At last, Xhea begins to learn of her strange dark magic, and why even whispers of its presence are enough to make the Lower City elite tremble in fear.

Together, Xhea and Shai may have the power to stop a war—or become a weapon great enough to bring the City to its knees. That is, if the magic doesn’t destroy them first.

REVIEW: To say that I was let down with this book would be an understatement. This is definitely a “second book syndrome” read. With it’s slow pacing and inactivity, I almost called it quits. But, I loved the first book so much, that I refuse to give up on the trilogy yet.

From the start of this, Xhea is healing after the events that happened in Radiant. So, I somewhat expected the beginning to be slow. I thought the story would gain momentum after some time and bring back all the things that I loved in book one. The action in this book was meh, and didn’t really come until the end.

I love Xhea’s and Shai’s bond. They work well together and cause chaos wherever they turn. I loved the magic in this book. That was about the only thing that kept me interested because I wanted to see what Xhea is capable of. As always in Dystopian worlds, politics – or power in this case – play a major role. There are no shortage of antagonists in this world and Xhea has to be more careful now than ever. I just don’t trust some of the Lowers – they are almost as bad as the Uppers, because they all want something and will kill to get it.

Overall, this book didn’t take me by storm like the first one. I liked it enough that I want to keep up with this trilogy, and read the last book when it comes. I do recommend this trilogy simply because of all the genres that make up this wonderful world. If you love magic, ghosts, and science-fiction, then you will enjoy these books.


7 thoughts on “ARC Review: Defiant by Karina Sumner-Smith

  1. Ohhh, also thought I would add the fact that I too am a proud book lover and would so much rather lock myself away in my room, ignore the rest of the world, and curl up in my bed with my books. (no matter how many sideways glances I get) 😉

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  2. It’s a shame when some sequels don’t measure up to the previous book *hangs head* BUT you and I are alike in that we aren’t quitters when it comes to reading something and sticking with it. (No matter how painful it may be) tee hee I really, really hope the third one is better for you. Awesome that you’re going to stick with the trilogy. 🙂


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