Stacking The Shelves #49

stacking the shelves

Stacking The Shelves is a weekly meme, hosted by Tynga’s Reviews, that spotlights the books we are adding to our shelves; whether they be virtual or physical.

I’m back from being absent last week. It’s been crazy around here trying to get my schedule to even out. I don’t have kids, so you can imagine how I’m dealing with the addition of my niece and nephew being with me everyday of the week. Great news! My sister is doing really well and she even has some of her mobility back. She gets discharged next week (if all goes well), and has to do some intense occupational and physical therapy. She even managed to walk about 20 steps unassisted the other day. So, I’m just glad to have her coming back to us. Not many books this week, but I’m sure that’ll change within the next few weeks because my Amazon cart is filled to capacity, just waiting for me to hit that order button. I hope you guys are having a great weekend!

*All of these link to Goodreads*

Kindle Purchases & Freebies



Looking forward to reading all of these. Though, it may take a while to get to them, I will try to read them (and the other 1,000 kindle books *LOL*) soon.



Looking forward to this one so much, since it has different stories to offer.

16 thoughts on “Stacking The Shelves #49

  1. I hope you enjoy Outlander, I absolutely loved the book and the show. I read Scarlet about a month ago and really enjoyed it.


  2. Your sister is lucky to have someone like you to take on her kids at a time like this. In my sister relationship I am the one who often needs assistance, and luckily my sister’s kids are now teens who can help me out, too. Family is so important.


  3. I am glad to hear that your sisters recovery is going so well at the moment! I hope everything continues to improve and that she is back to her normal self in no time 🙂 I am glad she is managing to get up and walking a bit more as well. It must be tricky having kids around so often as well.

    As for the books, I really have been wanting to read Outlander so I do hope you enjoy it. Are you intending to watch the show afterwards? Oh, and Scarlet looks good too. I read Insanity and didn’t really like it, but maybe you will like it more than I did. At least, I hope so!


    • I’m already head over heels in love with the show. I wasn’t going to read the books since I’m so far gone, but I couldn’t resist. Thank you for the thoughts on my sister. I pray she continues to get better.


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