Where You End by Anna Pellicioli

23286279Publication June 8th 2015 by Flux

Young-Adult, Contemporary

eARC provided by Netgalley 

My rating 4 stars

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*Actual rating 3.5 stars*

REVIEW Let me start by stating that this book is more than okay to read. The writing is just beautiful and I couldn’t put it down. Even with the good qualities, this book is kind of depressing. You will end up feeling just like the MC, Miriam.

Miriam is going through heartbreak. Let me rephrase, teenage heartbreak. We’ve all been there at some point, so it was really easy to relate to her pain. I loved the photography/art references, which gave the story depth. I’ve heard of artist being referred to as eccentric. Yes, that sums up Miriam,  her best friend Adam and her parents perfectly. That’s not a bad thing. What I tried to wrap my head around is the way the author chose to introduce Paloma (Eva). So you want to have your MC, who is struggling to get over her breakup with her ex douche bag, Elliot, to meet another lost soul so that they can bond over their troubles? Paloma basically blackmails Miriam the whole book! She saw Miriam push over a priceless statue and decided that she could extort this girl into checking on her brother. Which turns out to be a pretty sweet deal since Miriam is a photographer and can provide proof and not just her word.

SYNOPSIS Miriam Feldman was always attracted to the artists, the musicians, the boys who wore broken-down cardigans. Boys like Elliot. Their relationship was intense, passionate, all consuming. When they were together, Miriam knew who she was, in the way you can only know when you’re deeply in love. But then it ended, and Miriam had to move on. Even after Elliot started seeing someone else. Even after she impulsively destroyed a priceless work of art. Even after she was blackmailed by the mystery girl who saw her do it. After all this, Miriam had to go on with her life. If only she knew how.

Adam, the BFF, is really the sweetest guy. He soooo wanted his Miriam back. He wanted her to get over Elliot already and get back to doing the things they used to do. To top it off, Miriam is sort of freaking out about something that could be the cause for her downfall completely. To be honest, that’s why I kept reading. It wasn’t because I wanted to know Paloma or what would happen to her. I wanted to see where the story was heading. The ending was anticlimactic, at best. Now, you want to know why I liked it enough, even with the things that annoyed me? The way that the author wrote this book is amazing. I can tell that she knows how to draw out a story and use the right words to keep the reader reading. It is just beautiful writing and that is why I will definitely read more from this author. This story just gives you a glimpse into one girls life after a bad breakup. Which, by the way, was just crazy. Then again, it’s not crazy to breakup over someone’s father insulting your passion. Remember what I said? Artists are eccentric, so don’t rub them the wrong way. Elliot didn’t stick up for her and so he was dismissed. It’s rather funny actually. I can recommend this book on the writing alone. That may just make you overlook all of the other things that just doesn’t quite make sense.



6 thoughts on “Where You End by Anna Pellicioli

  1. Great Review Lekeisha! I can see why you had mixed feelings about this book. I love beautiful writing, but it’s hard on my emotions when I read a depressing story. Too bad the ending was anti-climatic! Adam sounds like a sweet guy 🙂


  2. Oh wow, this sounds like a very emotional story and I know that before I read it I am going to have to be ready and prepared for the way it is going to affect me! And when a book is beautifully written it already has me halfway sold.


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