Mother of Eden by Chris Beckett

22926605Published May 12th 2015 by Broadway Books

Adult, Science-Fiction, Utopia, Dystopia

Paperback provided by Publisher for review

My rating 2stars

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“We speak of a mother’s love, but we forget her power.”
Civilization has come to the alien, sunless planet its inhabitants call Eden.

Just a few generations ago, the planet’s five hundred inhabitants huddled together in the light and warmth of the Forest’s lantern trees, afraid to venture out into the cold darkness around them.

Now, humanity has spread across Eden, and two kingdoms have emerged. Both are sustained by violence and dominated by men – and both claim to be the favored children of Gela, the woman who came to Eden long ago on a boat that could cross the stars, and became the mother of them all.
When young Starlight Brooking meets a handsome and powerful man from across Worldpool, she believes he will offer an outlet for her ambition and energy. But she has no inkling that she will become a stand-in for Gela herself, and wear Gela’s fabled ring on her own finger—or that in this role, powerful and powerless all at once, she will try to change the course of Eden’s history.

REVIEW Yet, another book that I just could not get caught up in. It’s mainly due to my not having read the first book. Yes, this one is a companion of sorts, so I was under the impression that it could be read as a standalone. From my understanding, it takes place generations after the first book ended, with a whole new set of characters. It may do some good to read the first book so that you’d know the hows and whys of this world. That’s just my opinion, so that you may enjoy this more than I did.

This book was all over the place. There were just too many narrators, that I couldn’t keep up. I’m surprised that I didn’t DNF it out of sheer frustration. I’m not sure if I should backtrack and read book 1, but maybe it would make more sense to me if I did. That said, the only character that I really tried to keep up with is Starlight. Her plight started out as normal (well, as normal as can be for this complicated world she’s in), then everything started changing. Trust me, nothing good comes from a world where men dominate and women are considered stock. That’s what hooked me from the start and convinced me to read this book. I didn’t feel anything. Nothing.

My thoughts are jumbled and I’m not even making sense to myself. If you read the first book and loved it, by all means read on. If you want to take a chance and read this without having read book 1, please do so. It didn’t work for me, but you may have better luck. I just don’t get it.

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6 thoughts on “Mother of Eden by Chris Beckett

  1. I am sorry this wasn’t a read for you 😦 I hate it when there are just too many narrators and nothing is working out well. I can’t keep up with too many, and it seems like this was too much of a mess to read. Kudos to you for not DNFing it!


  2. I just recently jumped in to a book that was at the end of a series (but was a companion novel) and got really lost and frustrated as well. I ended up finding my way eventually, but I can relate to what you’re saying. Especially, when there are too many narrators, and the book is all over the place. Thanks for your review 🙂


  3. Reading the first book would have helped maybe a little, but the truth is, Mother of Eden was just a weaker book. I absolutely LOVED book 1 and was somewhat disappointed in this follow-up. If you do get a chance to check out Dark Eden, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts – it’s worth it.


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