The Shadow Behind The Stars by Rebecca Hahn

22065512Publication September 1st 2015 by Atheneum Books FYR

Young-Adult, Fantasy,Greek- Mythology, Literary-Fiction?

eARC provided by publisher via Edelweiss

My Rating 2 Stars

b009a-dad13-add-to-goodreads-button3A girl’s dark destiny could cause the unraveling of the world in this spellbinding novel from the author of A Creature of Moonlight, whichKirkus Reviews called “cumulatively stunning” in a starred review.

Heed this warning, mortal: stay far away from the three sister Fates. For if they come to love you, they might bring about the end of the world…

Chloe is the youngest. Hers are the fingers that choose the wool, that shape the thread, that begin it. The sun smiles upon her. Men love her without knowing who she is. She has lived forever and will live forever more. She and her sisters have been on their isolated Greek island for centuries, longer than any mortal can remember. They spin, measure, and slice the countless golden threads of human life. They are the three Fates, and they have stayed separate for good reason: it is dangerous for them to become involved with the humans whose lives they shape.

So when a beautiful girl named Aglaia shows up on their doorstep, Chloe tries to make sure her sisters don’t become attached. But in seeking to protect them, Chloe discovers the dark power of Aglaia’s destiny. As her path unwinds, the three Fates find themselves pulled inextricably along—toward mortal pain, and mortal love, and a fate that could unravel the world.

REVIEW My first thought after finishing this book was, What the heck did I just read?. Seriously, I can’t even comprehend what happened. I finally came to the conclusion that I missed the message because I was trying too hard to figure out everything else. The writing is great, actually. It’s the story itself that made my eyes cross. I don’t get it and I’m sorry to disappoint, because this just isn’t my thing.

I’m a fan of literary fiction more than any other genre. Maybe because I started reading it at a young age, I don’t know. This book is definitely literary, though the format is what I can’t comprehend. There’s some prose for sure, but the other forms are lost to me. This didn’t feel very fantasy-like, which is what drew me to want it so badly. And, of course, the mythology comes into play. This book is about the Sisters of Fate. Now, that in itself is an attention grabber. Only, everything wasn’t what I thought going in, and by the end I was so disappointed. By the middle, I figured there is some kind of hidden meaning to this story. However, I absolutely refused to start over just to try and figure it out. I’m all for moral lessons, and it’s such a shame that I just did not get this book.

The sisters in this story are: Chloe, Serena, and Xinot. They are destiny. What happens when one unexpected mortal washes up on their island? Serena, the middle sister, decides to act as mother hen and soon everything changes. Aglaia has just lost everything. Her home, family, purpose- gone. So it’s right to say that since these sisters are fate, then Aglaia’s appearance is no coincidence. It was weird reading this, just let me tell you. Because I did not understand what the flip happened between Serena and Aglaia! One minute the girl was seeking refuge, and the next she’s all glassy-eyed at Serena’s feet. See, the sisters don’t acquaint with mortals. They have no need to step in on mortal affairs. Chloe, who is narrating this confusing-as-all-heck story, wants no part of what is happening with her sister and this mortal girl. Surely, she will be the end of them all!Xinot is the more dismayed of the three sisters, so she would just rather humor Serena and hope for the best. Serena was meant to erase the girl’s memory but fate had other plans, and the three sisters are defenseless against whatever Aglaia’a future is.

By the end of this book, I still couldn’t figure it out, and I’m not about to get a headache trying to do so now. If you read this book, clue me in on what it means. I can’t tell you how annoyed I am right now, even 4 days after finishing this book. I want to recommend it, simply for my own curiosity. I want to see who else gets this because I don’t. The writing is absolutely the best thing about this book, and it kept me reading to the end. It’s not a long winded fantasy tale, just some excellent writing – which I love. You know how you read poetry, and you are lost with it’s meaning? This was like that for me; I just can’t comprehend the meaning behind this belles-lettres! Maybe I’m out of my league with this, who knows. Just because of my rating and review, don’t throw this one out. It may be the best book that you’ve ever read. It just isn’t my thing. If someone could enlighten me, I’d be forever grateful.


8 thoughts on “The Shadow Behind The Stars by Rebecca Hahn

  1. You seem really torn with this book and it is a shame that you couldn’t like it. I do think the idea is intriguing what with it being the Sisters of Fate – I haven’t heard about a novel where they are the center of the story before. But it also seems like this one really didn’t do a good job with making things clear when it comes to plot, even if it was beautifully written.


    • I figured out the way it’s written. Well, another reader mentions Allegory. You know, incorporating beliefs or ideals into characters to make a point. I still don’t get the point!!!


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