Promo: Pre-Order Outpost by F.T. McKinstry @ftmckinstry #OutpostPromo


The god they serve is as fickle as a crow…
To Be Published: November 1, 2015
Genre: Fantasy
Series: The Fylking, Book One
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Nine thousand suns ago, a race of immortal warriors came from the stars through a rare alignment and stepped onto the world of Math, a world much like their own, cradled by mountains, cold seas and tall forests. A perfect place for a backwater outpost from which to fight their ancient war. The realm they claimed came to be known as Dyrregin, Gateway of the Gods.
They call themselves the Fylking. Unseen by all save those sensitive to the Otherworld, the Fylking taught seers to build and ward over the Gate, an interdimensional portal spanning the realm like a sigil shining on the surface of the world. The Fylking’s enemies, pitiless beings who think nothing of annihilating a world to gain even a small advantage, are bent on destroying it. They succeeded once, leaving Dyrregin in abandoned desolation for a thousand suns.
Twelve centuries have passed since the Fylking returned. Dyrregin is at war. Seers are disappearing and their immortal guardians are blind, deceived by their own kind. A Gate warden with a tormented past discovers a warlock using Fylking magic to gather an army of warriors that cannot die. A King’s ranger who defends the wilds of the realm with unswerving honor is snared in a political trap that hides a sinister agenda. And a knitter touched by the gods catches the eye of a dark immortal warrior with no name and the power to summon storms.
Bound by synchronicity, forced to find allies in unlikely places, these three mortals are drawn into a maelstrom of murder, treachery, sorcery and war, fertile ground for both their personal demons and those of their immortal masters, who cast long shadows indeed. When they uncover the source of the rising darkness, they must rally to protect the Gate against a plot that will violate the balance of cosmos, destroy the Fylking and leave the world of Math in ruins.
The god they serve is as fickle as a crow.

Pre-Order NOW on Amazon!

12 thoughts on “Promo: Pre-Order Outpost by F.T. McKinstry @ftmckinstry #OutpostPromo

  1. THIS . COVER . IS . KILLING . MY SOUL. & that’s all I shall say. The synopsis is intriguing though, but I’m one of those readers where I judge books by their covers, and girl . . . I just can not deal lmfao.


  2. Haven’t heard of this one before but it sounds like a pretty high fantasy… going back all those years and involving wars and whatnot probably. I do like a good high fantasy as well. You just won’t see me speaking a lot about it other than in the blogsphere because otherwise I would have to try pronouncing names xD


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