Broken Elements by Mia Marshall

20827940Published: February 26th 2013 by: Match Books

Genres: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Supernatural

Purchased Kindle Book My Rating 4 Stars

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Magic, murder, and mayhem on the shores of Lake Tahoe.

For Aidan Brook, manipulating the power of water is as easy as breathing—until the awful night her magic fails, with deadly consequences.

Though Aidan tries to outrun her past, the grisly murder of an old friend draws her back to the scene of her crimes. In Lake Tahoe, she only finds more trouble. An estranged best friend, a dangerously attractive landlord, and a couple of FBI agents are determined to complicate her life…and for the first time in years, she doesn’t mind a few complications.

As the killer grows increasingly fixated on Aidan, her past and present begin to collide. To defeat the killer, she must learn to control her power—before her broken magic fails her for the final time.

BROKEN ELEMENTS is the first book in the award-winning Elements urban fantasy series.

MY THOUGHTS Wasn’t sure what I was expecting from this book. My first time coming across it a couple weeks ago, I immediately started reading after I downloaded it. There are little things that irked me, but not enough to turn me off completely from the story. The writing, world building, and characters are all very well set up.

In the beginning, with Aidan being tracked down after ten years in hiding, I was kind of hesitant to keep reading. Only because I was afraid that I wouldn’t get enough backstory on the whys and hows of her sudden drop from society. I didn’t have to worry for long because along the way, there are Aidan’s recollections of what happened all those years ago and why she is wallowing in self hatred and doubt. I really wanted to get to know her as a character, and she opened up more and more as the story unfolded. I’m glad to say that she is really a fun character, once she drops that wall she’s built around herself.

Aidan is an Elemental. Water to be exact. There were lots of killings of people who were associated with Elementals years ago, and Aidan – along with her friend Sera (Fire) – set up a trap for the person(s) responsible. It all turned horribly wrong in the end and Aidan cut off all communication with everyone and turned tail. Now, ten years later, the killings are happening again. Only, now, the victims all have a connection to either dating Aidan or Sera at one point in their lives. The other connection is that the victims are all Shapeshifters. They are being killed by a powerful Elemental (Earth) and being left in various locations near Lake Tahoe. With the help of some local Shapeshifters and Elementals, Aidan and Sera try to once again find the killer. The problem? The FBI is keeping a close watch on Aidan and Sera, now that these killings seem like no coincidence. How can Aidan and Sera do there job if the humans have eyes on them? This just got harder than Aidan thought.

Secondary characters seem to hold as much of the story as the main characters. Simon is one that I really liked. His wicked sense of humor and what he shifts into made me smile a lot while reading. I won’t spoil it, but you will laugh when you read it. Who would have thought he could be of any use to them? He held his own perfectly. I especially love Mac. Think of a mactruck, and you can just about imagine his shifting abilities. I love the romance building between him and Aidan. I knew from the moment that they met, that they would be drawn to each other. She handles him like no other.

The friendship between Sera and Aidan is very well drawn out. At first introduction, you don’t know what will happen because there is obvious tension between them. And after you get to the point of why that tension is there, you understand both girls’ pain. It was nice to see them getting back to their old selves, and that bond that they share is hard to come by. I love the backstory of both the Elementals and Shapeshifters. Aidan is kind of a spitfire when we first meet her, which put me off a little. You’d have thought that she was the Fire and not Water. But after Sera and Aidan both start to loosen up, their personalities mesh good with their magic.

If you want a good urban fantasy to read, I definitely recommend this book. If you like Elementals, Shapeshifters, and magic in your reading, give this book a chance. I just got book two and can’t wait to read it. Definitely recommended!


8 thoughts on “Broken Elements by Mia Marshall

  1. Ooh, I am someone who really does like it when the secondary characters have nearly as much focus as the main ones – probably because I am such a character person. And the whole elements and shapeshifter aspect of this book appeals to me so much. We need more books which include these. So going to be trying this one at some point!

    As for the buddy read I have basically read nothing more this week DD: However, I do have a few hours to sit down and read this weekend so I am banking on that time to make progress.


    • You should grab this if it’s free in your country on Amz. I’m going to try and read some more of our book this weekend too. I started one last night and it is so good that I am nearly done.


  2. Sounds good and I love it when the secondary characters are more than a support group. They expand the story plus there’s always a possibility that they’ll get their own storyline if they become fan faves


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