Naughtier Than Nice by Eric Jerome Dickey

24611515Publication: October 27th 2015 By: Dutton

Genres: Adult-Fiction, African-American, Erotic-Romance

Format: e-ARC Source: Publisher via Netgalley My Rating: 4 Stars

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New York Times bestseller Eric Jerome Dickey revisits the scene of his holiday romp Naughty or Nice, featuring the McBroom sisters, whose romantic adventures make for a white (hot) Christmas.

The lives of Frankie, Tommie, and Olivia (Livvy) haven’t turned out quite as planned. Frankie has a pair of stalkers. The life that Tommie had dreamed of having with Blue has become anything but perfect, and Olivia, despite her efforts, hasn’t been able to get over the psychological barrier caused by her husband’s affair in Naughty or Nice.

Frankie’s life has taken on an element of danger, and she calls upon Driver, an ex-con who first appears in Dickey’s Drive Me Crazy, to bail her out of a potentially life-threatening situation, but that is a secret she has kept from her sisters.

Tommie and Blue are now engaged, but due to something her more-mature love has done, the wedding is indefinitely on hold. As Blue and Tommie remain the perfect couple in public, Tommie has found herself physically attracted to a younger man. But that is a secret she has kept from her sisters.

Livvy is trying to recapture the adventure she had during her revenge affair. She is seldom intimate with her husband, Tony, but when she has relations with him, it is by her rules and under certain conditions—it has to be a ménage à trois. But that is a secret she has kept from her sisters.

Though the sisters are as close as any sisters could be, none wants the other two to know the dark secrets she is hiding. And during this season, all of the McBroom sisters are Naughtier than Nice.


This is one naughty tale, indeed. As much as I found one character’s POV much more enthralling, it was still nice to get back with all of them. These sisters are a force to be reckoned with, and they have a bond that is so hard to find among sisters these days. There’s no jealousy towards one another, because they each have their own goals and strive to reach them. Their arguments are more focused on family, safety, and dignity; which in this case, was at an all time high. Characters from Dickey’s other novels make appearances. This story unfolds from one Christmas to the next, so buckle up.

Frankie: I really loved her POV, simply because it was much more intense than the others. The situation she found herself in was scary as hell and I didn’t know how Mr. Dickey would end this. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading and praying that I wouldn’t end up crying. I know that when you are betrayed by someone that you love, it’s hard to see beyond that. That was Frankie’s mistake here. She was so caught up in the hurt and pain, that she didn’t handle this like a McBroom would. If she had had that talk with Franklin earlier, would they have been able to piece together what was really going on? I think so, only because that was too tragic at the end. Just wow.

Livvy: Sister is in a whole other territory from the McBroom’s standards. Well, she’s not new to the game, but it was so shocking for her sister. I felt embarrassed just from reading it so I know how she felt. God, I think mama McBroom was rolling over in her grave the whole time. Livvy’s and Tony’s marriage isn’t as taboo as many readers would think. That kind of stuff is happening all over the world, some just like to hide it. To each their own. Hell, it was hot if you ask me.

Tommie: I felt Tommie’s pain here. Like, deeply. I know where she’s coming from because I’ve been there. However, I’m not down with the way she chose to cope with her unhappiness. She should have gotten her some Fitz, Jake, and Idris. When you read this, you’ll know what I’m talking about. She and Blue are dealing with a lot of stuff right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’a another Naughty story, just for this couple alone. What happens after she gets what she wants?

I’d love to read more from these sisters. Dickey writes about what’s hot and real. I love how he incorporated my (and the whole freaking country’s) addiction to Primetime TV. Made me wish I was there chilling with the sisters watching all the drama unfold on the screen. This is family, heartache, love, obsession, cheating at play; and Mr. Dickey gives it to you straight, no chaser. I only wish that this whole story would have been just about Frankie. That was enough drama to fill two novels. It only reminds me that people are crazy, and I’m happy to let them do what they do.

Although this is a sequel, I feel that this could be read as a standalone. The sex is hot, even though there’s more telling than showing. It works so well for the way the book is written, but it’s still as hot as ever. If you’ve read any of Dickey’s books, then you know he keeps it real. The writing is beautiful, the drama is real, and the sisterhood is still going strong. Definitely recommended!


8 thoughts on “Naughtier Than Nice by Eric Jerome Dickey

  1. Ooh, you have been reading a lot of NA lately! I like that one of the main characters shares my name. What I like about this one is that it seems like all the sisters are going through very different problems and of course will handle it differently depending on their personality. I think the POVs and the whole three way story seems to be handled well. In fact, this sound like the kind of NA I could like.


  2. I don’t know about you girl but with the amount of POVS in thus one if would have kind of confused me. AND I’m a picky and need to fall in love with soley one POV character at a time. More than two at a time would… (ouch. My brain) but lately it’d like more and more books are coming out with dual povs and even one with like six of them? Six of Crows I think it is?? Gracious.


    • There are only 3 and it’s easy to tell who is narrating (aside from the obvious names at the head of each chapter). Have you ever read a book by EJD? He’s an amazing writer and his characters and stories are always on point. Not any of the lackluster erotic romance that I’ve read. He and Zane are two of my fav authors of this genre because they actually give you a story and not just sex.


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