Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews

38619Published: April 1st 2007 By: Ace

Genres: Urban-Fantasy, Paranormal, Magic

Format: Kindle Book Source: Library My Rating: 4.5 Stars

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Atlanta would be a nice place to live, if it weren’t for magic…

One moment magic dominates, and cars stall and guns fail. The next, technology takes over and the defensive spells no longer protect your house from monsters. Here skyscrapers topple under onslaught of magic; werebears and werehyenas prowl through the ruined streets; and the Masters of the Dead, necromancers driven by their thirst of knowledge and wealth, pilot blood-crazed vampires with their minds.

In this world lives Kate Daniels. Kate likes her sword a little too much and has a hard time controlling her mouth. The magic in her blood makes her a target, and she spent most of her life hiding in plain sight.

But when Kate’s guardian is murdered, she must choose to do nothing and remain safe or to pursue his preternatural killer. Hiding is easy, but the right choice is rarely easy…


I loved everything about this book! Kate is the most bad ass heroine that I’ve ever read about. Yeah, there are all sorts of fantastic worlds in the UF genre, but this book makes me want to pack up my things and hit I-85 North to Atlanta. Seriously, it’s only an hour and a half drive; plus I know tons of people that live there, so I wouldn’t be a stranger. I seriously felt like kicking some ass after reading this.

kick in the butt photo: Kofi kingston kick l_fda5d34ee71dc35ead7ff8db585b3a1b.gif Magic Bites is the book that I’ve been looking for, and I could kick myself for not reading it sooner. The good thing is, I don’t have to wait for the sequel. I’ve already started it and I just know that I will love this world even more as the books go on. I love the complex magical and paranormal aspects of this world more than anything. From the blood thirsty vampires, to the heartless necromancers, to the alpha shapeshifter. And can we talk about Curran? Because, yeah, total swoon. The thing I love most is that this is one heroine that doesn’t go all gaga over the guys. Not saying it shouldn’t happen in future books, but I love that Kate has her priorities, and falling all over hot guys isn’t one of them.

Kate has a smart mouth on her, and it makes her character more real and down to earth. Who doesn’t like a heroine with an attitude? Well, if you are looking for some prim and proper here, you won’t find it. Kate will have you fearing for her life at every turn, because girlfriend can’t keep her mouth shut to save her life. I absolutely loved it!

The different character arcs is what I’m most looking forward to with this series. Everyone has a role to play, and I can’t wait to get going. This is just the start of a beautiful friendship, so I will see you all again with the next book and the next. Stay tuned! I highly recommend this book. And if you don’t like it, something is seriously wrong with you. Okay… I’m kidding. We all know that readers enjoy different things, but I truly think if you love all things magic and paranormal, you will enjoy this. Oh, did I mention the hot alpha beast and bad ass heroine?


15 thoughts on “Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews

  1. You will b seeing so much of Curran in the next books. I am so happy you tried this book. This is my fav series of all time. I only know one blogger who didn’t like this book after recommending it. And that made me want to cry, lol.


  2. I am so glad to be hearing about how much you are enjoying this series! That’s one of the best things – when you don’t have to wait for the sequel and you have it there ready for you to read next. Or in your case, already have started to read. I love the sound of Kate and the fact that the world is done so well. Adding to my list…


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