One By Sarah Crossan

23524610Published: August 27th 2015 By: Bloomsbury Children’s Books

Genres: Young-Adult, Contemporary, Realistic-Fiction, Poetry

Format: ebook

 Source: Library My Rating: 4 Stars

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Grace and Tippi. Tippi and Grace. Two sisters. Two hearts. Two dreams. Two lives. But one body.

Grace and Tippi are conjoined twins, joined at the waist, defying the odds of survival for sixteen years. They share everything, and they are everything to each other. They would never imagine being apart. For them, that would be the real tragedy.

But something is happening to them. Something they hoped would never happen. And Grace doesn’t want to admit it. Not even to Tippi.

How long can they hide from the truth—how long before they must face the most impossible choice of their lives?




I can’t figure out what to actually say about this book. It’s written in free verse, so it goes by rather quickly. I laughed, cried, then cried even harder. So, yeah, be prepared for waterworks with this one.

Grace and Tippi went from conjoined twins that were home-schooled their whole lives, to entering a private school. On their first day, they meet Jon and Yasmin; their only friends. They smoke and drink, and do all the things they think a normal teen does. All the while, their conjoined body is at risk. Grace’s heart isn’t strong, and Tippi has been holding them up.

I can’t say much without spoiling. I wasn’t really prepared for this, I just started reading. I love the love that Grace and Tippi have for each other. They have a sister, Dragon, but it’s not quite the same. They have been together since conception, so it’s understandable of their bond. Dragon is a ballerina with her own problems. There are just so many things happening in that household; especially financially. And it’s the financial problem that causes Grace and Tippi to invite cameras into their lives. Everything kind of happens fast after that.

I’m not sure what to make of the little romance that blossomed between Grace and Jon. There weren’t too many moments to really think about it, because it became chaotic just when they were getting somewhere.
Okay, I just can’t review this properly. I’m crying and my eyes are all blurred. Read the book!


31 thoughts on “One By Sarah Crossan

  1. I totally agree with everything you said! It IS a really hard book to review, because you don’t want to spoil stuff, and it did move really quickly- I think I read it in 2 days! But I was amazed at how well the author managed to get into the mindset of a conjoined twin, it didn’t feel forced or anything. Such a lovely story. I am so glad you enjoyed it too, fabulous review!


  2. I have heard good things about this book and already have it on my TBR! I was unsure because it was written in verse, but I have decided that I would probably like it and that the story of conjoined twins is one I can’t miss because it sounds so unique.


  3. Okay, poetry and free verse isn’t typically for me but, wow, I am intrigued by your reactions to this! It made you cry? That’s definitely something special. I also love the cover. I don’t know if I’ll ever read it, but I’m definitely keeping it in mind for friends. I know a few people who would love this one (hello Christmas shopping list!)


    • I am a softy. When something happens, I will bawl like a baby. When someone gets mistreated, I cry. When I see a homeless person, I cry. That’s just me. But, this book, broke me down with a few simple words in a verse. I really didn’t expect it because I only skimmed reviews because I didn’t want to be spoiled. I should have checked.


  4. The fact that it got such a strong emotional response from you, Lekeisha, makes me super interested. Didn’t know about it so thanks!


    • I hope you enjoy it. It goes by really well, and there’s not enough time to fully grasp everything, but I just couldn’t stop. and my tears come whenever I think about it. Like right now. ARGGH!


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