Illuminae by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

23395680Published: October 20th 2015 By: Knopf BYR

Series: The Illuminae Files #1 

Genres: Young-Adult, Science-Fiction

Format: Hardcover 

Source: Purchased 

My Rating: 4-stars

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This morning, Kady thought breaking up with Ezra was the hardest thing she’d have to do.

This afternoon, her planet was invaded.

The year is 2575, and two rival megacorporations are at war over a planet that’s little more than an ice-covered speck at the edge of the universe. Too bad nobody thought to warn the people living on it. With enemy fire raining down on them, Kady and Ezra—who are barely even talking to each other—are forced to fight their way onto an evacuating fleet, with an enemy warship in hot pursuit.

But their problems are just getting started. A deadly plague has broken out and is mutating, with terrifying results; the fleet’s AI, which should be protecting them, may actually be their enemy; and nobody in charge will say what’s really going on. As Kady hacks into a tangled web of data to find the truth, it’s clear only one person can help her bring it all to light: the ex-boyfriend sheswore she’d never speak to again.

Told through a fascinating dossier of hacked documents—including emails, schematics, military files, IMs, medical reports, interviews, and more—Illuminae is the first book in a heart-stopping, high-octane trilogy about lives interrupted, the price of truth, and the courage of everyday heroes.

My Thoughts

I’m not exactly sure what I can say about this book that hasn’t already been said. Is it a great read? Yes. Is it confusing? Yes. I was excited and apprehensive about reading this. There were reviews that stated how much the format sucks, or how there was no plot. I beg to differ. If you get distracted by all the prettiness, you won’t get anything from this book. I had to read this a certain way, to actually get the story. I did go back and admire all the prettiness when I finished. This won’t take long…

First, I had to figure out what was relevant to the story.

Not everything seemed to be of use to me. For instance, the diagrams of AIDAN did me no good to stop and stare. For those of you who don’t know, AIDAN is some messed up Artificial Intelligence. We all know what happens when AI is involved; it takes over.

Of course, badass Kady figured all this out. The girl is smart as hell, and there was no stopping her mad hacking skills. Creators don’t want everyone to know that the thing they built has a mind of it’s own. Giving out commands to take down ships and kill thousands, is not what the plan was. You just know that BeiTech is full of secrets. I figured something was amiss the moment I read the Assault Report. Long story short, too much BS going on between different fleets and not enough smart people like Kady to figure it out.

But…. I really wish that I had listened to this instead. Those freaking comm chats are hilarious. Chum!

IMG_20160120_073156Ezra…poor guy. I don’t know what life was like before this attack. Ezra and Kady seem almost desperate to get the love back, but for most of the book, Kady is so contradictory that I never really got a hold on the “romance” aspect. They broke up before everything went to hell. They got separated, but Kady spent lots of hours hacking into Alexander’s system trying to find Ezra. She loves him, okay. It just felt so.. I don’t know. Ezra is all for the “I love you’s”. How can you not swoon when he sends Kady that flower during their comm chat?

I love all the banter between the characters. I’d give anything to listen to this, because Ezra and James cracked me the hell up. Nothing works a guy up more, than telling him you want to bang his sister. They joked during a trying time. War is spread far and wide, and those two were cracking jokes like everything was normal.

And just when I thought it couldn’t get any weirder….

giphy (11)

So, yeah, that was crazy. Imagine a virus aboard a cramped ship. Esther is a sweet girl. Or so they thought…. 

I love this book, and I think that I will opt for the audio with book 2. Not sure yet. I would miss all the illustrations and diagrams, so I may just buy both. 

If you are looking to try some science-fiction, this book would be a great start. If you want a complex book to read, this is that book. 

So glad that I didn’t get a migraine…

47 thoughts on “Illuminae by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

  1. “So glad that I didn’t get a migraine…” Haha! Me, too. I honestly thought I wouldnt get into it because of the format, but I loved it, and got into it straight away, and the characters ❤ AND ALL THOSE TWIST HURT. But sooooo good. But the book is like a brain exercise and an arm exercise, ha.


  2. This book went SO many places! Like I would have NEVER thought that a zombie/rage virus would be apart of the plot – it had enough going on already! This was definitely my favorite read of 2015, so I’m happy I have a pretty hardcover too (SO much better than the ARC).

    I would love to listen to this one as well, but I can’t imagine not seeing all the pretty binary pictures!


  3. I begged, begged for a review copy of this–got it…and still haven’t read it. It’s enormous. There’s a lot of info and I’m afraid of how I’m going to feel about it. I’m pretty sure I’m going to enjoy it but with all the running around I’m doing I can’t lug around such an enormous book. I’m glad you enjoyed it though, at least with you plus so many countless others–there has to be something I’m going to like. Wow, I’m rambling. Lol. Nice review!


  4. I always so love books made like that, so intriguing!!!!! I haven’t read this one yet but my friend Lexxie sent me a copy and I can’t wait to get into it! My reviewer friend didn’t like that much though… I need to post her review.


  5. When I got a hold of a physical ARC of this, you can imagine one of my first thoughts was “This could never be an audio” – so you can imagine my surprise when later they did make an audiobook. I can’t imagine what that experience would have been like, considering the visuals in the book were one of the coolest things about it (even if it did cause plenty of distractions!) but you’re right, the chats between the characters would have been hilarious to listen to!


  6. I can’t wait to try this one for myself! I love my sci-fi and I think it would make such a fun book for me. I’m especially looking forward to the layout as well. No matter what I’m only going to be getting the hardcover version of this book. The cover is beautiful and even though the story sounds weird, it does sound promising. Especially with the AI problem!


  7. I’ve heard the audiobook for this is amazing so I plan to get that. But I do think it might be nice to have both, to be able to reference the book when listening. I’m glad you enjoyed! I’m looking forward to this one!


  8. I’m so glad you loved this one,Lekeisha! I was initially worried about the format too, but it worked well for you. I hear the audio is a whole other experience too and I can definitely see why you would preferred going that way.
    Anyways, it sounds like you had so much fun reading it! 😀
    Lovely review, Lekeisha!


  9. I had an ARC of this book. I really enjoyed it and the format didn’t bother me. Actually, I think that one of the things that I really liked about this book was that the format was so different. I loved the chats in the book as well. I am so glad that you enjoyed this one. I haven’t even thought about reading the audio but I bet that you are right and it would be great. Wonderful review!


  10. Oh my yes, it was a lulu. I took the same approach you did and stuck to the story instead of bothering much with the illustrations. Book two is definitely on the list. 🙂


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