The Urban Boys: Discovery of the Five Senses by K.N. Smith

0a842-the2burban2bboysPublished: September 29th 2015

 By: Two Petals Publishing

Genres: Young-Adult, Supernatural, Action, Adventure

Formats: Paperback & ebook 

Source: Author via MBT

My Rating: 3.5 Stars 

First in a series. Five boys, a dark stranger, a fearless girl,IMG_20160129_104914 vicious thugs, and the evil Druth. A suspenseful incident in a forbidden preserve. A mysterious energy source heightens the boys’ senses to extreme levels. Sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell become hypersensitive gifts that forever change the world. On a mission to root out evil, tension and furious battles confront the boys at every turn, but they must embrace their fate. Get prepared for the twisting and grinding of this action-adventure story, which artfully integrates action and high drama in an edge-of-your-seat narrative for young and mature readers alike!

My Thoughts


Every once in a while, I get the urge to read outside my comfort genre. This time, that urge came in the form of The Urban Boys: Discovery of the Five Senses. I’ve read books with a similar hook, but not quite like this. I really enjoyed this one, but I also have a few teeny problems with it as well. This is like the movies Chronicle and Sky High had a baby. A group of teen boys with powers? How can this not be cool?

What I Liked

-the super cool enhancement to the senses that, ultimately, came with a price. The way the boys got heightened senses was a little cliche’, but I didn’t let that little bit deter me from continuing. 

-the way that I was able to visualize each scene, and totally seeing it on the big screen. Or, at the very least, on my TV screen. The author does a great job with descriptions.

-can we rejoice for a moment that the main characters are boys? Because, yeah, really grateful for that. In a way it makes sense (no pun intended). Not that girls can’t get hit with super powers, but I like not having to be inside a bunch of teen girls’ minds. 

-I love the overall setup to this whole story. We get to see and feel the change in these characters. They went from being students at DH High School, to saviors of Sandry Lake. I like how the author divided the 2 seemingly different settings. I don’t think any other way would have worked for the way the story progresses.

What I Didn’t Like

I was having a hard time distinguishing between the many voices. They all had something to say, but it was a little disorienting. You guys know how I have problems with POVs!

-I’m a pace kind of reader. I like my action to be fast and swift. There were points (several points) that slowed down throughout. 

-I am all for well written words, but the writing got a little heavy-handed. I felt, at times, like this is not a YA adventure book. I’m not sure what the author was aiming for on that angle. I’m pretty sure, adults will love this without all the fancy dialogue. 

-It wasn’t long enough. The ending felt rushed, but I can say that it ended well. I would have liked for a bigger finale with this one.


Totally! The Urban Boys is very engaging. No matter the problems I had with it, I can really see myself reading more of this story. It’s very YA friendly, but if you love some adventure and quirky characters – with a side of evil villain, this book will surely keep you engrossed. This will definitely appeal to teen boys. I think this is a great book to thrust upon the male high school population. 🙂

16 thoughts on “The Urban Boys: Discovery of the Five Senses by K.N. Smith

  1. It’s always great when you end up loving a book that you read which is out of your comfort zone, it feels like the longest time since I did that and actually ended up enjoying it, but this book does sound like a lot of fun! Thanks for putting it on my radar Lekeisha!


  2. I can definitely see why this book had you on the edge of your seat and had you engaged the whole time! That’s the most fun part about reading: is the fact that you GET INSIDE the character’s heads and just have fun with it! I have to admit, I don’t multiple points of POV, UNLESS I can connect with/distinguish each character!

    Overall, I’m glad this was a ROCKING book for you love! Muahhhh xoxoxo


  3. It can be great to read outside your comfort zone, and even better when it turns out well. I’m glad you enjoyed this, and as it happens, this would fit really well in my sphere of reading/genre preferences so I will have to keep an eye out for this. Thanks for putting it on my radar!


  4. This one does have some really good points. I completely agree that it is nice to read something from a male’s perspective. I do tire of always reading from the girl’s POV. I don’t like it when a book juggles too many POVs either. I am kind of on the fence regarding whether this is a book for me or not. Great review!


  5. I LOVED the movie Sky High when I was younger and it will always be a part of my childhood ❤ Sometimes it is really nice to have guys as the main characters because in YA it seems like girls are the common POV that you get! Generally speaking, of course. I also really like powers in books. Just a little bit of a shame about it slowing down every now and again.


  6. I can see why this appealed to you. I like the idea of new ‘superhero’ teen boys who have to find their way with their enhancements and have some evil to fight. Odd that it got wordy.


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