The Art of Taming A Rake by Nicole Jordan

22037784Published: January 26th, 2016 

By: Ballantine Books

Series: Legendary Lovers #4 

Genres: Adult, Historical-Romance

Format: e-ARC 

Source: Publisher via Netgalley

My Rating: 4 Stars 

Despite his notorious reputation, Quinn Wilde, Earl of Traherne, has mostly honorable intentions. So when beautiful Venetia Stratham boldly enters a gentlemen’s club, demanding that Quinn stop courting her sister, he does what any bachelor would do: He kisses her. With her sharp wit, intoxicating passion, and surprising vulnerability, Venetia is irresistible—except for all this nonsense about threatening to shoot Quinn. But when clandestine enemies make an actual attempt on the earl’s life, Venetia is implicated. To save her good name, Quinn does what any true gentleman must do: He proposes.

Thus Venetia finds herself wed to arrogant, wickedly sensual Quinn, whose devilish ways are as legendary as his rumored skills as a lover. Yet vexingly, her body rebels against her vow to remain immune to his many charms. If only she could reform the infuriating nobleman—without diminishing his undeniable allure. As Venetia discovers that a true rake is hard to tame, Quinn faces an even greater challenge: winning his wife’s fragile trust . . . while defending both their lives.



Ahh, it feels good to be back! I can’t count how many times I stole borrowed one of my Aunt Catherine’s HR novels, back in the day. She had hundreds on her shelf, and I think Nicole Jordan was her favorite author. I was a sucker for the covers back then, because they always screamed “forbidden” to my teenage mind. I’m quite sure my Aunt knew that I was reading them. I wouldn’t say this is the best Regency Era romance that I’ve read, but it got me back into the groove.

Venetia– She captures your attention from the very first page. Bold is a word I’d use to describe her. After the scandal (HR is all about the scandal) that befell her years before, you’d think that she’d still be hiding under a rock. Her reason of being at a brothel fit her character. She wanted to stop Quinn from pursuing her sister. Their coupling would only lead to heartbreak; something she knows all about. Her plan falls apart the moment Quinn kisses her. Oh, and the fact that someone is trying to kill Quinn. Scandal doesn’t even seem like the right word to use.

Quinn– I love his character. Despite what Venetia – and most of society, thinks about his nature, he really isn’t a bad guy. He can’t help that he’s hot as sin, and women fall at his feet. When Venetia enters the brothel, Quinn immediately zeros in on her. After his near brush with charged gunpowder, Quinn can think of only one thing to do – marry Venetia until he can figure out who is trying to kill him.

I enjoyed this one, mostly because it brought back all the reasons why this was my favorite genre years ago. The writing is great, and there wasn’t a time that I felt bored. However, there were a few eye-rolling moments when it came to Quinn’s and Venetia’s feelings towards each other. It wasn’t instant (thank God), but it took me a minute to actually let it sink in that they are actually a great match. There are steamy moments, and the mystery behind Quinn’s would-be-assassin kept me reading. Overall, this is a good Regency romance to read. This is number 4 of the Legendary Lovers series, but it can be read as standalone. I had no problem getting lost with these characters, and I think the ending wrapped up nicely. Definitely recommended!


15 thoughts on “The Art of Taming A Rake by Nicole Jordan

  1. Gah! It’s been forever since I’ve read a Historical Romance. That used to be almost all I read. I haven’t read anything by Jordan though. This one sounds interesting. I might have to check it out when I’m in the mood to dip my toes back into that genre.


  2. Those covers do ‘scream’ forbidden to teenagers, and I think I started reading historical romances in my early teens, too. Partly because of the forbidden aspect, but also because I loved the descriptions of the dresses and how society was back then.
    Great review, Lekeisha 🙂


  3. I always look at these books and laugh, like no I can’t read this. No way. But I’ve always been intrigued. I just keep thinking that it’s so funny. I’m going to try these one day!


  4. oh I so love this author and this series has been so fantastic to read!! I really like her unique take on certain set ups of the books in the series with the fairy tale (kinda) themes. And I love BOLD heroines. Great review, you have me super excited to read this one as soon as I get my hands on it.


  5. My mom didn’t read historical romance (not the naughty ones, though she read Christian ones) so they weren’t something I tried as a teen. But I remember my cousin had them hidden under her bed and she’d show me the naughty parts when I’d visit. Honestly I never got it. I still don’t care for the naughty parts but I do love the banter that is in these kinds of books. I’ve been meaning to try some.


  6. It’s always great to read a book which you can relate to your childhood and remember like this! Isn’t funny how we always seem to want forbidden things all the more? xD I haven’t read too much historical romance – only some – but this one sounds so interesting. Gotta love some good scandal in a novel ❤


  7. I love historical romance but I haven’t read many authors in the genre. Nicole Jordan isn’t an author I’ve read before, but you’ve convinced me. You’re so right! HR is all about scandals. 🙂 I’m not really complaining though. I’ll be sure to add this to my TBR! Great review! 🙂


  8. So glad you got your HR groove going. I haven’t read any Nicole Jordan. There are so many that await my pleasure. This does sound good with her daring and that mystery element with the romance.


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