The Sound of Us by Julie Hammerle @EntangledTeen

27779285Publication: June 7th, 2016 by: Entangled Teen

Genres: YA, Contemporary

Format: eARC Source: Publisher via Netgalley

My Rating: 4 Stars four-star-rating-black-md

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Kiki Nichols might not survive music camp.

She’s put her TV-loving, nerdy self aside for one summer to prove she’s got what it takes: she can be cool enough to make friends, she can earn that music scholarship, and she can get into Krause University’s music program.

Except camp has rigid conduct rules—which means her thrilling late-night jam session with the hot drummer can’t happen again, even though they love all the same TV shows, and fifteen minutes making music with him meant more than every aria she’s ever sung.

But when someone starts snitching on rule breakers and getting them kicked out, music camp turns into survival of the fittest. If Kiki’s going to get that scholarship, her chance to make true friends—and her chance with the drummer guy—might cost her the future she wants more than anything.



The Sound of Us starts off with promise, goes a little haywire in the middle, and finishes with a flourish. I love the setting of music camp for pre-college students at the university. Lots of interesting characters running around, but there’s also lots of cattiness. Kiki is one of those indecisive protagonists who can’t decide on whether to be the dutiful girl, or to spread her wings and fly. I actually liked both sides, but for very different reasons. With this scholarship on the line, Kiki can’t afford to break the rules just to have jam sessions with Jack the drummer. On the other hand, she is also in dire need of having a social circle while maintaining her focus on music. She was so conflicted throughout, but decided to sneak around and try not to get caught.

Kiki lost her best friend Beth because she got into the summer music camp and Beth didn’t. On top of that friendship ending, Beth starts dating the guy that Kiki has a crush on. I already hated Beth from the very first page when Kiki recalls some of their conversations. I do not like jealous best friends. Beth reminds me a lot of Nan from My Life Next Door, which I’ll be reviewing tomorrow. Beth stole the music piece that Kiki was supposed to memorize for camp, so Kiki was a little unprepared when she got there. Not cool. Kiki’s days are filled with all things music and fangirling about her favorite show, Planet Earth. I love all the fangirl/fanboy going on throughout. I think that is what endeared me to these characters, because I can definitely relate. Not everyone gets it when you are passionate about fictional characters. It’s another reason why Kiki and Beth are no longer friends.

The snitching and sabotaging was a bit much. I’ve never understood the lengths that people go through to obtain the top spot. In this case, it’s to be one of seven scholarship recipients for the music program at Krause University. Do these kids not believe in karma? It was pretty crazy. Kiki learned a lot about herself during those six weeks of camp. She was determined to prove her parents and Beth wrong. I love the relationship that Kiki has with her sister, but I also got why she was trying to be her own person and not live in her sister’s shadow. I loved the writing and it was a pretty fast read. I’m sure this won’t be the last book that I read from this author. If you are looking for some YA to add to your summer reading list, The Sound of Us would make a nice addition. Definitely recommend!

17 thoughts on “The Sound of Us by Julie Hammerle @EntangledTeen

  1. This sounds pretty good, Lekeisha,even if it goes a bit off the track in the middle there. I love music, and I think that a music camp would be fun to read about – especially because the main character needs to get out of her comfort zone in order to go at all.
    Great review 🙂


  2. Hmmm, interesting… I’ve seen this one around and I love the cover! Purple is my favorite color. 😀 This one definitely is not for me! I am not a huge fan of YA contemporary, and the music aspect doesn’t really attract me (which is funny, because I play piano, pretty seriously). I’m glad you enjoy this book, Lekeisha!

    Wonderful review. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!


  3. Great review! I agree that this setting and premise sound pretty great! I totally agree with you re: Nan and jealous best friends — no bueno! Glad there was still a lot to like in this one!!


  4. This one sounds like the main focus of it is ambition and what it might cost to get where you want to be. And it doesn’t sound like an easy journey at all. I doubt I would be someone who could take to the sabotaging and the meanness so well. This main character must be a toughie!


  5. I actually have a growing list of contemporaries on my TBR but, hey, who am I to complain about beautiful books that sound so promising? I will definitely be on the look out for The Sound of Us. Thank you for introducing me to this book, and your review is great! 🙂


  6. I love the idea of the music camp setting for pre-college students. I’m definitely interested in reading the book because of that only. Also the siblings relationship.
    I think I already hate the friend, Beth, though and I don’t know if right now I want to read a book about characters being catty to each other. In any case, I’ll add this to my TBR.
    Wonderful review!


  7. Wow, music camp can get cut throat. 🙂 Her ex-friend is a piece of work. But yes, this sounds like good summer reading material.


  8. This sounds like an interesting, light read.The catiness does sound over the top as you have indicated but I wold still check this out. Great review.


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