{Blog Tour} Review: The Idea of You by Robinne Lee

About The Book

31450913Published: June 13, 2017

Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

Genres: Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Romance, Women’s Fiction

Source: ARC via Netgalley/Publisher

My Rating: 4 Stars

When Solène Marchand, the thirty-nine-year-old owner of a prestigious art gallery in Los Angeles, takes her daughter, Isabelle, to meet her favorite boy band, she does so reluctantly and at her ex-husband’s request. The last thing she expects is to make a connection with one of the members of the world-famous August Moon. But Hayes Campbell is clever, winning, confident, and posh, and the attraction is immediate. That he is all of twenty years old further complicates things.

What begins as a series of clandestine trysts quickly evolves into a passionate relationship. It is a journey that spans continents as Solène and Hayes navigate each other’s disparate worlds: from stadium tours to international art fairs to secluded hideaways. And for Solène, it is as much a reclaiming of self, as it is a rediscovery of happiness and love. When their romance becomes a viral sensation, and both she and her daughter become the target of rabid fans and an insatiable media, Solène must face how her new status has impacted not only her life, but the lives of those closest to her.

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Why is it frowned upon when an older woman dates a younger man? I’ve never understood why that is when older men date younger women ALL THE TIME. The Idea of You is a story that I’ve wanted to read since I first came across it on Goodreads. I love the idea of this relationship between Solene and Hayes. This isn’t your typical rockstar romance; the age gap between the two being the most obvious, but there are also outside influences that make it hard for them. If you think Angela Bassett & Taye Diggs, as Stella and Winston, had a hot and complicated romance, then think again. To be honest, I really wasn’t expecting this to be so……. good. Not that I thought it’d be a terrible read, but these two characters have so much chemistry that it was hard to deny the attraction. Hayes seems way older than his 20 years, and that really helped with my shipping of these two gorgeous characters.

Solene is a divorced mother who takes her daughter, Isabelle, to meet her favorite boyband – August Moon. She never in a million years thought that she would get charmed out of her stilettos by a HOT BRITISH 20 year old musician. And when the media gets wind of their little rendezvous, Solene really starts to take into account what it will mean to actually be in a relationship with this world renown rockstar. She’s old enough to be his mother, but she can’t deny how happy she is when she’s with him. And the sex is hot AF. Like I said, they have amazing chemistry. Hayes is very mature and the boy knows what he wants. That, in itself, is a major turn-on. Juggling their two careers and trying to spend as much time with each other can be somewhat chaotic, but they made it work. That’s not to say that Solene didn’t have doubts, because she did. What woman wouldn’t? It’s not just her that she has to think about, it’s her daughter as well.

Like I said, not your typical romance. I like it when women can be as relentless as men when it comes to the opposite sex. Yes, there are times when the doubt and insecurities get in the way, but the heart wants what the heart wants. This is more than two people lusting after each other. Solene really found herself throughout this story. For this to be a debut, Robinne Lee really did an amazing job, and I can’t wait to read her next one.

If Angela Bassett and Heather Locklear made you want to ship all the older women/younger men couples, then I think you should definitely give The Idea of You a go. I really wouldn’t mind this becoming a movie, even if it’s only made-for tv.


About The Author

15613183ROBINNE LEE is an actor, writer and producer. A graduate of Yale University and Columbia Law School, Robinne was born and raised in Westchester County, New York. Robinne has numerous acting credits in both television and film, most notably opposite Will Smith in both Hitch and Seven Pounds. She recently completed shooting Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed, playing Ros Bailey. Robinne currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children. The Idea of You is her first novel.

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10 thoughts on “{Blog Tour} Review: The Idea of You by Robinne Lee

  1. I’m familiar of Robin Lee, do you think this is maybe inspired by either her experience or someone close to her? Sounds very “real” and I won’t be u
    Surprised if it is lol


  2. I like the sound of this one quite a bit. I think that this is the first review for this book that I have read and you are making me want to add this one to my tbr pile right away. Thanks for putting this book on my radar!


  3. Hmm, I never heard if this one before but it does sound like something I would enjoy, especially at the moment. Yes, I agree. I don’t understand why it is so frowned upon for women to date younger men! I am sure it stems from the idea that women mature faster so they will need someone older but that isn’t always the case, so… Anyway, I like that this one had some strong characters and a whole lot chemistry that is impossible to ignore 😀


  4. I’m honestly wary of romances with big age-gaps, but I’ve been getting more into them this year. This one sounds amazing I’m definitely not one for rock-star romances, but I’m curious about this one. I’m glad this worked for you!
    Great review!


  5. Mh, I love the sound of this. It doesn’t sound like the usual romance and I like the many different things going on such as the age difference and the rock-star status. Definitely a book that I would like to read. Great review!


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