Review: The Elite (Unveiled) by Coey Cain


Title: The Elite: Unveiled

Author: Coey Cain

Release Date: March 13, 2013

Publisher: Vamptasy Publishing

Genre: NA/Paranormal

Source: ebook 

My Copy: Complimentary copy from the author in exchange for an honest/unbiased review

My Rating: 5 STARS


Everyone assumes that Joelie Baudelaire lives a charmed life. She has a generous benefactor in Warren Jardine, and a glamorous lifestyle in the exciting city of Las Vegas. Everyone is wrong. When Warren is arrested, Joelie has the ability to escape the emotional jail he’s held  her captive in for two years. Her father’s house should be her refuge, but it’s another kind of prison altogether. All Joelie wants is a normal, peaceful life. Discovering that she is one of The World Elite, a genetically superior race, puts a whole new set of shackles on her life.

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This book is absolutely amazing! Great plot, awesome characters, ideal setting; what more is there to ask for? Very well written also. Great character development. You get to know enough about the characters that it doesn’t take you away from the story. The plot itself is so beyond good, and the author just gives you the perfect setting and amazing characters to give you a great story. Which I might add, is far from over.


I was hooked from the very first page. We have Joelie, who has just arrived in Washington from Las Vegas, to live with her father. Mind you, this is a twenty seven years old woman, who has problems that comes from breaking it off with a controlling ex. Her world is about to get a whole lot more stressful and downright depressing. Nevermind the fact that her father, a Sheriff no less, has assigned three of his best men on the job, to guard his daughter 24-7. Forget that they have to be with her at all times and have installed cameras around the premises, and insists upon her wearing a tracking device on her ankle. Don’t worry, it’s basically non existent.

Joelie is about to die from all of this when Sender, her childhood crush who mind you, is seven years older than her, walks into her father’s house for his weekly Man Fest (grill, men, alcohol). It’s instant, the impression. Sender, her father John, and Sender’s father Wes know what is going on around them. All Joelie knows is that there’s a feeling inside of her and it has something to do with Sender.

Diesel, one of her guards, watches the whole exchange. He’s immediately jealous. Catches attitude with Joelie, so she goes to her room. Days go by and Joelie has Cabin Fever. As she has to have a guard everyday, Diesel will just have to take her somewhere so she can unwind. As she’s making her plans, she gets a text from Sender asking to take her out. Her father really shouldn’t have given her number to him. Before she can stop herself she agrees for tomorrow. Off to the bar with Diesel she goes. She sits near older men who chat about the murders and kidnapping that has been going on in the area and other close counties. One of them goes on and on about some World Elite beings out there, which is pretty funny to her. All eyes are on her from men in the bar. Diesel is fuming and to top it off, in walks Sender. A man runs in covered in blood and screaming for help. Diesel tells her to stay put and goes with the man. Sender asks her to go with him to a safe location. As it is apparent, something is amiss and Sender knows more than he’s telling her.

This is where things turn from stressful to depressing. The life that she has lived has been filled with secrets. To top off the depressing news, she now is told she is betrothed to Sender and that she signed the contract when she was 18. Sender signed his contract at 18 also, which means she was 11 at the time. Joelie is going crazy with trying to find a way out of this madness.

This story is amazing and I would recommend reading it to see where it goes. I’m so ready for the next book. That’s my only problem I have with this book, waiting for the next to come. What a cliff hanger! This book is worth every penny and your time. You will not be disappointed. You will be engrossed from the very first page! Coey Cain has been added to my favorite authors list.

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