{Blog Tour} Review: Uncovering Cobbogoth by Hannah L. Clark


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Title: Uncovering Cobbogoth

Author: Hannah L. Clark

Release Date: May 13, 2014

Publisher: Cedar Fort Publishing  & Media

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Format: Paperback

Source: Publisher

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Norah Lukens needs to uncover the truth about the fabled lost city of Cobbogoth. After her archaeologist uncle’s murder, Norah is asked to translate his old research journal for evidence and discovers that his murder was a cover-up for something far more sinister. 

When she turns to neighbor and only friend James Riley for help, she realizes that not only is their bitter-sweet past haunting her every step, but James is keeping dangerous secrets. Can Norah discover what they are before its too late to share her own.


This is a very great book! I love fantasy and mythology, so this brought me back into reading the genres. I haven’t picked up a great fantasy book since… well it shall remain nameless for the sake of this review because I really don’t want to compare the two. Let’s just say, this book will make you sit and wonder. I really love the mythology of the Cobbogothians.

Norah grew up with her Uncle Jack, who is an archaeologist. She has always thought of the Cobbogothians as nothing more than a myth. One day she arrives from school to find her Uncle murdered. He left behind clues for Norah. Soon, she is on the run from police because she happened to be at the scene of yet another murder. She makes her way to Iceland, where everything she thought she knew about the world and her life changes exponentially. The romance level is a good one. I loved what little we get from Norah’s and James interactions. I’m excited to read the next book, and hopefully there will be more to James’ character. 

The characterizations and world building in this book are just amazing. I highly recommend reading this book!!! The mystery alone is worth reading it for. As for the ending, I wanted more. There was this void that I felt needed to be filled, so I’m guessing the next book will jump right back into the story. This is an amazing book to add to your favorites shelf, as it is already on mine.

4 STARS misc_58misc_58misc_58misc_58


Author Bio

Hannah L. Clark lives with her husband and their son in the Rocky Mountains. She has always known she would be a storyteller. In 2006 she graduated from Utah Valley University with a bachelor’s degree in English, and immediately began writing Uncovering Cobbogoth.

Hannah loves running, mythology, laughing, soulful bluegrass music, and growing things. Like her heroine, Norah, she is slightly inclined to believe that trees have souls.

To learn more about Hannah and the Cobbogoth series, visit www.cobbogoth.com.

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Bekah loves being a mom, photography, illustrating, refinishing furniture, organizing and being related to the author, for whom she has held a long abiding love and admiration for since before Hannah was even born.

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