Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews

11544421Published: July 30th 2013 By: Ace

Series: Kate Daniels #6

Genres: Adult-Fiction, Urban-Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal, Supernatural, Mythology

Format: ebook Source: Library 

My Rating: 5-stars

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 Mercenary Kate Daniels narrates a surprising trip with her bite-me humor. The pack of her mate Curran, werelion Beast Lord, need rare medicine from Europe to save children who die from stuck shapeshifting. Europe offers them barrels of the drug if they guard a spoiled princess. Knowing the invite is a trap, of course they sail right in.



Another great installment to the Kate Daniels universe. I especially loved this one because the setting is different. Lots of new characters to play with and kill for Kate and Curran. I’m slowly beginning to love all the Pack laws and political agendas. The thing I love most about this is that Kate knows the danger she’s facing, but she goes in head first because that’s the type of person she is. No matter how much Voron trained her to be a weapon, she has a heart. She is not some robot trying to take over the world. She just wants to save lives and get to the truth of things. Most importantly, she wants normal. In the forms of Curran and Julie. I admire her for that. 

Now, with this installment, we aren’t kicking butt all over ATL. I loved the European setting, and all the dumb a**es that try to undermine the Beast Lord and his Consort. I just knew that they would have a battle to fight. And then there’s Hugh to deal with. Seriously? After they slaughter a few dozen weredolphin pirates, we have the bane of Kate’s existence to deal with? Well, one at least. I won’t give away all that went down, but this was filled with secrecy, lies, assassination attempts, and a vapid werewolf chick who got on my nerves with her flirting. Granted, Curran didn’t help matters by acting like he enjoyed it. I never once thought he was doing anything but acting. Kate, however, was a ball of jealous anger and man she almost caused WWIII.

I can’t get over how Kate doubted so much here. I can understand it, to a certain extent, because she’s wired to not trust anyone. To have all things Pack thrown in her face like that? So she’s not a shapeshifter, but she’s not exactly all human either. And I can totally see why Curran withheld information. Still, it was heartbreaking to be in Kate’s head when faced with her mate getting his flirt on with the Princess of Ice Fury. And I don’t know about you guys, but I do not like Mahon. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s the snitch. Because, let’s face it, we all know he wants Curran to mate with someone furry. I can think of one who fits Mahon’s standards. *snorts* I hope that’s not the case, but something is not right here. Saiman, and his abilities saved the day. Well, sort of. I can’t believe he and Curran got along so well. I think he really loves Kate (not in a romantic way), and if someone tried to kill her, he’d take the bullet. I can see him walking around the castle as Lorelei. That’s just too damn funny.

Brace yourself, there is character death. I’m just giving you fair warning. Lots of action, especially at the end. This series has become obsessive to me. Right now I need my Kate/Curran fix. I will be going back to books 4.5 & 5.5 tonight, which are Andrea’s and Jim’s stories (though Jim’s is a short), and moving on to book 7 afterwards. I can’t stress enough how much I recommend this series.


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46 thoughts on “Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews

  1. I started to read this, but I haven’t been following this series and I’m unsure yet if I’ll read it, so I didn’t want to stumble across spoilers! What I read of your review was interesting though. I’ll have to bookmark it and come back O_O


  2. Ugh, that death was so hard for me. There is a lot of doubt with Kate in this one, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. But overall this book is amazing, I agree!


  3. This book sounds like a bi of a turning point for this series – those are always the most exciting. I also didn’t know we had a change of setting here. Plus, character death? I never know how to react to those, but I’ll trust that it was handled well!


  4. Yes! This sounds like a great read. I have been trying to make my way to this author for far too long now. Thanks for the great review. I will have to double check to see if the first in the Kate Daniels Series was ever officially added to my TBR.


  5. Omg I wish I didn’t have so many other books I HAVE to read right now. You’re making me want to go back and finish this series so bad! Hopefully I will get to it this year. I really, really want to. Fabulous review as always!


  6. This installment made me so angry at times, but I loved it anyhow! I knew logically that Curran was “getting his flirt on” with that skank for a good reason, and that he’d always be faithful to Kate, but man, I felt Kate’s hurt! I wanted to smack him even though I knew a good reason would be revealed. I LOVE this series so hard! Wonderful review, Lekeisha! 🙂


  7. This series can do no wrong! I love the fact that you are enjoying the political and systems side of things as well, which makes me happy :3 I can’t wait to see what you think of the rest of them. And it seems like the new characters and settings in this one worked well for it too!


  8. Oh yeah, I forgot about Kate’s thing with the werewolf girly. This was exciting like a romantic suspense thriller the way they had to figure stuff out. Yeah, cried over the big loss. And agreed that this series is awesomeness.


  9. This instalment was heartbreaking in so many ways! And yes, the ice-princess werewolf b*tch made me want to get into the book and fight her myself! and Hugh… what to say about him?
    I love Kate so much, and my heart hurt for her when she thought Curran was turning away from her 😦
    Great review, Lekeisha!


    • This one definitely tugged on my heart strings throughout. But, I had faith in Curran; it was still hard to read Kate doubt everything though. I just want them to be together and be happy with lots of little Beast Babies running around. I know that’s not possible right now since her father is out there waiting to pounce.


  10. Oh wow book 6? I seriously need to start this series.Kate seems like such a tough woman, but oh my a character death? So you get invested in these characters from 5 books before only for one of them to die? Geez don’t know how I’d deal with that. Great review. Glad you enjoyed it!


  11. Yay! So glad to see you enjoyed this one. I loved it because it switched up the setting as well. I hope you really enjoy Jim and Dali’s novellas. I really love Magic Dreams, it’s a novella that I do re-reads of a lot. Magic Steals was pretty awesome too. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we eventually get a full length book featuring the two of them like we did for Andrea and Raphael.


  12. A lot of people didn’t like this book as much as the others because of how Curran acted. I thought it was a 5 star read like you. So much excitement and heartbreak. You are making me want to re-read this series. It is just so good. I may have to listen to one of the books as my next audiobook. Great review!


  13. You just pointed out my main issue with series that feature the same couple throughout a bunch of different books… It seems like authors always feel the need to create some sort of relationship drama and that drives me crazy! I don’t want to see other women flirting with the hero and the hero, even if he is just acting, enjoying it, ya know?! I wouldn’t put up with my husband flirting with another woman for whatever reason and I don’t appreciate when my heroes do it either, especially if I’m so invested in them like you are with this series… Ugh! Sorry for the rant!! Just putting my two cents in 🙂 Glad you enjoyed this one though!!


    • I definitely can see how they dug deep into Curran’s character. He loves Kate beyond reason, so he wants to protect her. That was his way of directing the antagonists attention away from her. Still, I didn’t like it because Kate really struggled with it. some part of her knew that he had an agenda, but she’s still a girl who is not used to being in a relationship, let alone being in love.


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