Review: The Law of Moses by Amy Harmon

23252517Released November 25th 2014 by Amy Harmon

Young-Mature-Adult, Romance, Mystery

Contemporary, Suspence

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My Rating 5 Stars

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If I tell you right up front, right in the beginning that I lost him, it will be easier for you to bear. You will know it’s coming, and it will hurt. But you’ll be able to prepare.

Someone found him in a laundry basket at the Quick Wash, wrapped in a towel, a few hours old and close to death. They called him Baby Moses when they shared his story on the ten o’clock news – the little baby left in a basket at a dingy Laundromat, born to a crack addict and expected to have all sorts of problems. I imagined the crack baby, Moses, having a giant crack that ran down his body, like he’d been broken at birth. I knew that wasn’t what the term meant, but the image stuck in my mind. Maybe the fact that he was broken drew me to him from the start.

It all happened before I was born, and by the time I met Moses and my mom told me all about him, the story was old news and nobody wanted anything to do with him. People love babies, even sick babies. Even crack babies. But babies grow up to be kids, and kids grow up to be teenagers. Nobody wants a messed up teenager.

And Moses was messed up. Moses was a law unto himself. But he was also strange and exotic and beautiful. To be with him would change my life in ways I could never have imagined. Maybe I should have stayed away. Maybe I should have listened. My mother warned me. Even Moses warned me. But I didn’t stay away.

And so begins a story of pain and promise, of heartache and healing, of life and death. A story of before and after, of new beginnings and never-endings. But most of all…a love story.

REVIEW I will start by saying that I have had weird experiences with books over the years, but not one book has caused me to cry and just pray to God, and every other deity there is, that this book would not cause me to come undone. It is such a powerful story, and everyone – everywhere – should read this book. I don’t care what age (maybe not those of you under 14), color, gender, sexual orientation, etc…. This book makes you believe in something other than what’s in front of your face. It’s about pain and love and all things in between. There is no religion motives behind this story. Though, some may think otherwise. Choose how you walk away from reading it. It’s touching and tragic, but most of all, it’s healing. I didn’t think I would be able to type this review without crying. I was right.

Moses Wright is the most unique character that I have had the pleasure of reading about. His gift (or curse, if you want to say that) is something out of this world. God, I need to sit down with Amy Harmon and ask her some questions. If I tell you about Moses, the story will be ruined for you. So, I will not. I’ve read of troubled characters, but nothing could have prepared me for his story. NOTHING! I am so glad that I purchased this book after reading a review a couple of months ago.

Georgia Shepherd. What to say about this young lady? She’s not one of those whiny, promiscuous girls that roam so many young adult novels. She is far from it. And though she does tend to follow Moses around and make him talk to her, I felt that it was more of that therapy creeping in. She wanted him to unleash his troubles unto her and heal him. Somewhere along the way, the feelings and longing took over. By the time I hit 20%, I thought that I knew what was coming. How wrong was I. It’s more than love at stake here – it’s life or death.

I’m not familiar with horses, and the therapy that is used in this book. From a readers standpoint, the author did an amazing job of bringing that into the story. With the paranormal elements spanning the whole book, I was mesmerized by what each page revealed. I swear I highlighted so many phrases on my Kindle while reading. There are other characters that hold the key to some jaw dropping moments. I can’t say I was surprised by who the perpetrator was. I started assuming as soon as that character was introduced. And my my my, Tag needs to be my BFF (Best Friend Forever or BoyFriend Forever – I can’t decide which). He and Moses came a long way and I’m so glad that they became such good friends. He is just awesome (and hot if I’m being honest). Hell, Moses is hot!

Long story short, this is just THE most amazing story. As much as I cried, there were some great moments in here as well. It’s dark at times, but don’t let it steer you from experiencing this amazing writing. I HIGHLY recommend this book. I will pimp it until I die!


16 thoughts on “Review: The Law of Moses by Amy Harmon

  1. I’m adding this one to my TBR right now! I have seen one other review for this and she was also singing the books praises, but I wanted one more opinion. I think the name being Moses might be misleading sometimes because they could see it as a religious book. But I have a feeling I am in store for all the emotions here DD:


    • There is talk of the Prophet Moses, but it’s not really a controversial thing. I think some will take it that way simply by the name and situations of the character.


  2. Well damn, the first moment I saw the cover I knew I had to get my hands on a copy. It’s sitting on my kindle app patiently waiting. But with a review like that, I don’t think I should delay anymore. Wonderful review, Lekeisha! 🙂


  3. Wow it’s good to know this story was so interesting and compelling. You’ve got me majorly interested in reading it for myself. I want to know exactly what Moses’ gift is now!


    • It’s so good! Please, please read this book. And if you hate it, well, I apologize in advance. But, seriously? I doubt you will hate it because it’s so dark and beautiful.


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